If you know about Dubai life, you will also know about the different types of attractions. Dubai is a city of amazing things. Along with all these attractions, there is also a desert safari Dubai. It is the central place that attracts too many people to visit Dubai.

Desert Safari:

At the Desert Safari Dubai, you can perform different exciting and adventurous activities. These activities include dancing, quad bike riding, belly dance, and many other things. There are too many companies that provide you with the opportunity to experience these activities. So, in this article, we will tell you what you can expect on the Dubai desert safari trip.

What To Expect From Desert Safari Dubai?

It is a fact that Dubai is famous and well-known because of its Arabian desert. But the Arabian desert is known because of the desert safari. In the desert safari Dubai you can perform too many activities. We assure you that you have not experienced these activities before. So, all the things that you can do are given below.

Tour Bus To Desert And Ride 4x4 Vehicle:

At any place in Dubai, your desert safari will start. It depends on the company which you have selected for the desert safari. You will see the small van or a large tour bus that takes you to the central desert. It is almost 20 miles away from your place. In the desert, you will find too many camps set up by different tour companies. But, thanks to the dunes which will hide your neighboring camps. This thing will provide you with an isolated and unique experience. 

However, the tour bus drops you on the side of the desert highway. After that, you will see too many 4x4 vehicles waiting for you. These vehicles will take you to your next adventure. Remember that these 4x4 vehicles are well equipped and fully advanced. After the complete upgrade, these 4x4 can fly you across the dunes. However, these 4x4 vehicles will take you to your camp through the enormous dunes with a roll, a few jumps, and some slides. You don't have to worry because this is safe.

Quad Bikes And Camel Rides:

When the driver drops you at your camp, too many activities are waiting for you. Even before entering the camp, you can experience the other activities. There are too many camps at desert safari that will provide you with the quad bike drive and camel ride. Don't think that both these activities are cheap.

The tracks you find for the quad bikes are not too big, but you will feel fun riding these bikes. Along with riding, you can also slide around on the desert sand. If we talk about camel rides, it is one of the eco-friendly activities. But this activity provides you with the best experience of your entire life. Other than this, falcons are also present in the Dubai desert safari. You can hold the falcon in your hand and take some fantastic pictures.

Experience The Buffet Dinner:

After performing all the activities, the buffet dinner set up is waiting for you when you enter your camp. However, this setup will include savoy pastries, snacks, sweet potato fries, and many other things.

The entire dinner setup will come with the belly dance performance. However, you will get too many things at the dinner, but it depends on the camp. But you can expect some meat dishes, salads, bread, pasta dishes, and many more from your camp. Remember one thing that drinks are not included in this dinner. You can get the alcohol but at a double price.

Best Evening With Dance:

The best thing about the desert safari Dubai evening is the dance. However, you will see different types of dances. The first dance that you will see is belly dance. The belly dance that you will see with the dinner is just amazing. We assure you that you have never seen this type of dance. The second dance that you will see is the tanoura dance, and it is the favorite dance of too many people.

However, in this dance, you will see a dancer who spins around only for ten minutes straight and also changes their costumes. She opens her skirt, turns around her skirt, and performs other moves that will impress you. The next and final dance that you will see is the fire dance. However, this dance is also unique that you want to see.


Now you know everything about the Dubai Desert Safari. If you plan to visit the Dubai desert safari, especially after reading the entire article, then it is your best decision. So, if you want to know anything about the desert safari, then ask us with the help of the comment section. If you like the article, share it with your social media fans and your friends and family members.

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