Muscle cars are a great hobby to have. There's nothing better than the feel of a genuine, vintage, powerful car from the sixties or the seventies. Back in those days, cars were different than now. Back then, cars weren't nearly as comfortable and high tech as they are now. But the true muscle car aficionado doesn't care about that. He only cares about the raw power and the roaring sound that the engines of these cars produce. Next to being powerful, these cars had a certain class and style that cars today just don't have. Modern cars have a whole different kind of charisma. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that some people simply prefer the style of older cars.

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A person can have various reason for wanting to buy a classic car. Some people want these cars for a project. Their hobby is to collect enough car parts so they can put a whole vehicle together again. When purchasing a car with missing parts, such as the engine or the transmission, then this vehicle is referred to as a project car. All it will need is the missing parts in order for it to be drivable again. Once the automobile is fixed, the person usually sells the complete, working automobile to somebody who actually wants to drive it. There is quite a profit to be had in this business.

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When you go online, you are sure to find plenty of muscle cars for sale. These cars are often almost half a century old. You'd expect the price to have dropped to almost zero. But the opposite is true. These cars are loved by automobile hobbyists worldwide. Because they're so old, only few are left. This drives the prices up. Their prices are usually several thousands of dollars high. But because you're purchasing such an old piece of technology, in most cases you will be able to pay the car off in monthly terms without a credit check.

Good examples of old muscle cars are early sixties Impalas. These will often be yours for only $200 per month or something like that. Late sixties Impalas cost slightly more, around $500 per month on average. Some of them will not have all the parts required in order to pass as a drivable car. So in case you actually want to drive a car like this, you'll have to keep in mind that there will be more costs to buy the required parts and have them installed. Other examples of sixties muscle cars are the Cutlass, the Chevelle SS, the Dodge Charger, the Ford Torino GT, the Pontiac GTO and the Mustang Convertible. All of these cars are in high demand and some of them can cost up to $20,000. That's the same as what you'd pay for a high end modern car built this year. But if you're totally into cars, then this can still be money well spent!