When you make an excellent impression on a client prospect that leads to a profitable new customer, there can be many reasons. You'd like to think unique products, services, and customer care make the difference, but sometimes it's more minor things that make an impression. If you recently searched for office cleaning near me and found a new contractor, it's likely cleaner offices could have helped. A tidy workplace says good things to people about your company. When the opposite is true, prospective clients may wonder if you take your work seriously. People for opinions based on multiple factors.


In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, people are more aware of office cleaning than previously. When they walk into your offices, it's something they notice. It also speaks to the need for renovations if it's been a while or if you've outgrown your space. People's trust in companies is affected by efficiency and keeping tidy offices. They need to be well suited to your brand with colors, design style, and much more. If you renovate or redecorate, it signals a fresh start to both employees and guests. Staying current and making a polished presentation are factors that will work in your favor with customers.

One of the best ways to boost office cleaning efficiency is to make sure your space is decluttered. When cleaning crews need to work around clutter or stop and move them to clean, it lowers efficiency. If you're in a high-rent location such as Manhattan, you may want to consider off-site storage if you have items you cannot discard but that do not fit into your present space. If your conference rooms and other common areas have become accidental storerooms, cleaning them out will positively impact your office's appearance. When cleaning crews have an uncluttered space to work it, they'll do better.


Lunchrooms, or anywhere where food is present, need to be cleaned extra thoroughly daily. Food waste can smell and attract unwanted pests. Restrooms also make an impression on employees and guests, so you need to keep them clean and smelling fresh. The best office cleaning contractors have thorough checklists that cover all areas where employees or visitors are present. If you've recently visited an office that made an excellent impression on you, ask around to see who handles the cleaning. The best contractors have long-term client relationships and work to help make their client companies successful.