There are various number of uses and benefits of the Netgear wifi range extender in today’s world of growing technology. Everyone needs the internet and not just an internet connection but a fast and uninterrupted internet services for almost all kinds of work. The Netgear mywifiext extender offers just the thing needed for every kind of works whether it is working at home or in office. You just need to get an extender, configure it, place it at the best spot and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Different Kinds of Extenders

When you go to buy an extender, you need to first of all know your own requirements. Whether you need an extender for a small home, big home or a large home or work place, whether it is for mainly gaming purpose or for office work, whether you want more range or speed and so on and so forth. There are various types of models available in the market from which you can choose and decide which one suits you best according to your need. You can even use the extender as an access point instead of using it as an extender and setting it up as an access point is also very easy.

Extender as an Access Point

 In order to see the steps for setting your extender as an access point you can see below and go through it thoroughly –

  1. Plug your extender in to an electrical outlet and connect it with your device
  2. See if the power LED has turned on solid green or not
  3. Make use of a wireless device and connect the extender to the Netgear_Ext network SSID
  4. Now you have to launch a web browser and type the site address
  5. After accessing the site for setting up your extender you need to click on the new extender setup
  6. When you login through the default extender credentials, go to the Access point setting and click on it
  7. Now enter the SSID network name that you prefer most
  8. Click on the Security options choice and type the paraphrase there and click next
  9. Now just disconnect your device and connect it again to a wireless device with the new credentials and click continue to go forward
  10. This was all, your extender is now set as an access point
  11. Register the device and complete the setup

Extender Placement for Maximum Results

The wifi range extender, after it is configured, can be moved and placed at a spot where it receives best network from the main router. The extender then boosts the wifi signals of the main router to those dead zones of the house or office where the wifi signals were not able to reach due to the distance and obstacles between. If you face any issue or error while setting up the extender, then you can reset the extender by pushing and holding the reset button or simply call on the toll free number 1-855-777-7456 at mywifiext. The team of professionals will be available for your assistance 24x7. You will easily be able to setup your extender and use the many benefits it offers.