Its Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner is suction cleaner equipped with diaphragm. Diaphragm Technology delivers maximum power and quiet operation. Its Zodiac G2 is a proven machine with just one moving component that is extremely efficient and inexpensive. It can be utilized in both above-ground and in-ground pools.

Its Zodiac G2, formerly known as the Barracuda G2, is a simple, yet reliable performer that can be used in all pools. It cleans your pool's surface, the disc structure provides excellent adhesion. The free-swiveling cassette's internal design ensures that movements are random to ensure the best coverage.

The G2 can be used on concrete, tile fiberglass, and vinyl surfaces. It is suitable for all kinds of swimming pools.

With its powerful cleaning power and portability, it is the Zodiac G2 is Australia's preferred cleaner for pools. This zodiac g2 pool cleaner provides efficient, powerful cleaning that works with low-speed pumps to maximize performance. The cleaner rapidly inhale small and medium particles, while also cleaning the walls, floor and steps. The G2 cleaner is equipped with the flow Keeper Valve. The compact, self-adjusting valve controls water flow in a controlled manner even when pumps are running at low speeds and ensures the highest performance.

Zodiac is at his home in the pool that is located in the back yards of Australian families. We not only sell pool equipment as well as ensure that the pools are in good shape. Zodiac was established with a dedication to innovation and the development of innovative products, with the aim to improve the quality of life of its customers.

Chemicals that are easy to understand, automatic chlorinators and filters, cleaning equipment as well as valves, controllers and cleaners that can do the heavy lifting along with heaters and pumps to make sure that there's always a time for to swim are all offered. Zodiac provides owners of pools with solutions that make having the pool easier. Now it's an issue of having fun and living a more fulfilling life because that's what we offer.

The Zodiac G2's solid design powerful cleaning power and exceptional maneuverability makes it the most-loved cleaning machine for pools in Australia.

Zodiac G2 Zodiac G2 is designed to be able to work with the different types of pool surfaces, including Concrete, Pebble Crete, Quartz on and Tiled Fiberglass Glass Beads and Vinyl Lined and more. The Zodiac G2 can remove the majority of the tiny debris that accumulates in your pool quickly and effectively and keep maintenance to a minimum.

Includes 12 meters of the most modern Twist Lock Hoses.

Zodiac g2 pool cleaner features only one operational moving component, the diaphragm that provides the highest suction and the quietest cleaning procedure.

Utilizing sturdy construction materials as well as an extremely durable construction material The Zodiac G2 performs at its top all year long.

From the durable disc as well as the foot which constantly cleans dirt, to the durable Barracuda Hose the Zodiac G2 is built to last, allowing you to swim longer.

It is the barracuda G2 is the standard in suction cleaners. It's been in operation for quite a while and has proved repeatedly that it is among the most quality as well as reliable cleaners for pools available on the market.

This is the barracuda G2 is perfect for pools of all sizes across Australia. It is suitable for use in Above Ground, and In-Ground swimming pools larger than 10x5 meters. It is suitable for use across all surfaces of pools including tiled pools.

In only three simple steps in only three steps, the G2 cleaning machine is ready to cleanse your swimming pool. When you pull them out of their packaging they're already assembled. Just attach the wheel deflector, the disc and the hose to the skimmer or suction line designed for the purpose. There is no particular tools or plumbing specifications. There aren't any special tools or plumbing specifications.

Zodiac G2 Zodiac G2 is intended to accommodate a range of swimming surfaces. It can eliminate the majority of microscopic elements from the pool swiftly and efficiently, keeping maintenance to the minimal.

  • One working moving part the diaphragm is utilized within Zodiac G2. Zodiac G2, ensuring whisper-quiet cleaning and delivering maximum suction force.
  • Because of its sturdy construction Due to its sturdy construction components, thanks to its strong construction, zodiac g2 pool cleaner is consistently every year. From the long-lasting disc and foot that continuously scrapes away , to the long-lasting Barracuda hose and it's the Zodiac G2 is made to last. It will allow you to relax more in your pool because of this.
  • It comes with its Barracuda long-lasting hose, the Zodiac G2 is quick and easy to put in. The high-response cassette makes it simple to use and maintain.
  • You'll be able to rest easy with a two-year guarantee on the performance, quality and support for this suction-pool cleaner.

Results that are reliable and tested

Its Zodiac G2, formerly known as the Barracuda G2, is a easy to use, yet reliable cleaner that works well in all pools. The cleaner was among our top-selling products for over 10 years following its initial appearance. The disc structure offers maximum adhesion while the elastic inserts scrape on the surface that surround your swimming pool. The free-swiveling inner cassette's design ensures that movements are randomly distributed to provide the best coverage.

Zodiac G2 Zodiac G2 is Australia's favorite pool cleaner because of its sturdy design, powerful cleaning power, and its maneuverability.

Zodiac G2 Zodiac G2 is designed to be a perfect fit for a variety of swimming pool surfaces. It will quickly and effectively remove the majority of small pieces of debris that can be found in your swimming pool. Thus reducing maintenance costs to the minimal.

DIY, low-maintenance

Similar to the other Zodiac suction cleaners like the G2 is easy to install and operate. Its Duralife diaphragm serves as the only moving component and is the only part that requires regular maintenance. To make maintenance easy the diaphragm can be stored in a rapid 'twist and release cassette.


Traditional hammer-style suction cleaners do not require a 'clack sound of clack. Duralife Diaphragm Duralife Diaphragm provides whisper-quiet operation that won't disturb your neighbors.

Product Benefits and the Key Features

Technologies for Diaphragms

The diaphragm that produces the strongest suction force while maintaining an utterly silent cleaning process is the sole operating moving part of the zodiac g2 pool cleaner.

Amazing Longevity

The Zodiac G2 performs at its highest year after year due to its sturdy construction materials. This Zodiac G2 is built to last, right from the durable disc and foot that continuously scrapes away, to the original long-lasting Barracuda hose. This means you can have more fun in your swimming pool.

Simple and easy

It is Zodiac G2 comes with a Barracuda long-lasting hose and it is easy to install. It's easy to use and service due to the cassette that is quick-release.


Two Year Warranty on the Manufacturer


Make sure you have your filtering system and pool ready.


Before installing your G2 Make sure that the system of filtration is operating at the highest flow rate Otherwise, you'll need to adjust it after cleaning the filter of the pool.

If you adhere to these fundamental steps Installation will be simple:

  • Get rid of the weir basket to empty it.
  • Clean the pump basket. Wash it.
  • Rinse the filter back until it's clear in the view glass.
  • Set all jets that return (whether the pool has two, one or even more) to face downwards and towards one another so that the pool's surface does not show circular water flow or ripples.
  • Connecting together your G2 together

The Quick Release Cassette System is installed.

In one hand, place your zodiac g2 pool cleaner and with the other hand, put in into the Quick Release Cassette System. The Cassette Swivel nut should be turned 3 times clockwise to tighten it.

Installing Deflector Wheels

A Deflector Wheel is included in each G2 Cleaning Pool. The purpose of this wheel is to safeguard from damage to the Outer Extension Pipe and the exterior housing, as well in keeping G2 away from steps or stairs. Install this Deflector Wheel onto the Outer Extension Pipe, making sure it is positioned within the groove. Be sure that you have the Deflector Wheel spins freely.

  • The Hoses are assembled

Always turn the female and male the hose cuffs to ensure they're securely connected. Hoses must be secured. When using the Twist Lock Ratchet Mechanism the setting of one or two is recommended. The length that is recommended is from the weir up to the farthest point of the pool, plus an additional segment.

Make the lowest step the most distant point if you are on one side or the other of the stairs. Only genuine ZODIAC Long-Life Twist Lock Hoses are employed to ensure maximum performance of your G2TM.

Attach the weight of the hose to the first portion of the hose, approximately 1 meter away from the zodiac g2 pool cleaner head.

Place the Hose Protector in the correct position.

Set one end on the return jet, removing any air. Fill the length of the hose with water.

Transfer the hose from its back line, to connect it with the weir, and connect the male cuff onto the Auto Weir Valve 90 Elbow and keep the hose's ends in the water.

Make sure that you ensure that the Auto Weir Valve is securely secured to the lid of the weir.

  • Place the Hose Protector Together

Inject the hose into one of the two halves of the Hose Protector.

The opposite part of the Hose Protector over the hose. Ensure sure that the female and male clips are in alignment.

Push down on both sides of the Protector until they snap to each other.

  • The location of the Hose Protector's place

The Hose Protector must be fitted right after the hose cuff has been installed.

NOTE: If the hose is directly connected into the Automatic Weir Valve (which is not recommended) Place your Hose Protector about 10cm away from the hose's Cuff.

Control System for Rapid Access

Contrary to other automatic pool cleaners that are available unlike other pool cleaners, the Zodiac G2 incorporates a Quick Release Access Cassette System. The unique design allows instant access to the diaphragm which is the sole moving component. Before you can use an automated cleaning system large foreign objects like toys for children, trees, and even boulders must be removed physically off the water. If an item that is foreign is not removed by hand and the pool becomes blocked then you can use Quick Access Cassette System allows you to eliminate obstructions or examine the diaphragm to determine damage within moments at the pool.

Maintenance and Care


To prolong the life for the Zodiac G2 and hose, take the following steps:

  • Prior to Super Chlorinating Remove Zodiac G2 Zodiac G2 from the pool and place it back in at least 4 hours after.
  • Before you backwash your filter, be sure to remove the line from the skimmer as well as the vacuum line.
  • Maintain the hose straight when you store it. Do not twist the hose (a coil hose can become straighter by running it through hot water or by setting it outside under the sun for a few hours).

Customer Reviews

  • Danial:

I've replaced the Hayward navigator with this G2. The G2 is a circular device that moves over the Navigator! The G2 can climb the cliffs that are in my pool's deep end and access several areas that the Navigator cannot reach. It's a breeze when compared to Navigator's cams, gears and bearings. We've just witnessed an enormous dust storm during the past weekend. The floor of the pool was coated in dirt and dust. I turned on the pumps and watched the zodiac g2 pool cleaner begin to work. The pool was sparkling clean when I woke up! I was just required to wash the steps. It's normal to perform a backwash after an event in order to reset the Navigator. However, I haven't been required to do this yet however and my G2 isn't quite able to climb the walls. SWEET! It's amazing to think that it is a potent cleaner after sucking up many dirt!
I'm pleased with the sweeper so far and I'm looking forward to many years of usage from it. I'm hoping all my suffering from using the Navigator have come to an end!

  • Lara:

Recently cleaned out my filter. There isn't any movement in my filter. Unknown reasons are the reason why the pressure is higher but not lower. It's 18 PSI inside the filter.
I've not seen it happen previously (unless the meter has been damaged?).
Another thing I noticed was that there's a lot of air in the basket, as well in the region in which the water is right above the basket.
I have removed the valve that controls the Ortega of zodiac g2 pool cleaner to test it and it's functioning.
More information on this filtering process.
2. HP Magnetek, Filter is American products. Titan The size is 72 square feet.
Pop-ups from Caretaker.
In the moment, I'm planning to run the pump until I can figure out what I'd like to do.
I'm afraid about breaking things.
I need help. Are you able to offer any suggestions regarding this issue for me to think about?
Thank you!

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