One of the best things about using LED strip lights in your home or office is that they can be controlled using a variety of different devices, like smartphones or with a physical remote control. But they don’t have to stop there. If you want to make your lights even more smart, have them work with another smart device in your home (like a voice assistant or security system), or add some other useful features.

Getting the perfect lighting for your home has never been as easy as it is today with magnetic LED strip lights. These amazing new lights will make you rethink traditional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. While these types of light bulbs have served us well, they have no place in a smart home.

And if you’re not in the USA, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Multi-Color Smart LED Strip Lights. The good news is, no matter which one of these you choose – or even if you choose them both – you won’t have to regret it! These LED light strips are totally awesome and are going to completely change the way your home looks.

Smart LED lights give you the power and flexibility you need to ensure your home (or office) has the perfect lighting for any occasion. The key factor? They are crystal clear, easy-to-install, energy-efficient and can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. Here’s why they’re so cool…

 Take notice of the environment around you and become more conscious of energy usage. Are you thinking of smart lighting? Do you know how much power is used in your home every year? How about the lighting in offices; how much electricity do they use? We will talk about that.

There’s nothing like an entrepreneur with a lightbulb. Literally. A startup that aims to change the way people experience lighting is pitching its products on ABC’s Shark Tank on Sunday.

Lighting your home or office has been a challenge over the last thousand years. From working with plants to burning candles, to using firewood and oil lamps. We have come such a long way but there are still some flaws when it comes to lighting. The most common being always having to find the light switch when you go into a room.