There are several religious acts in Islam that every Muslim individual should be aware of. One of the most pious religious journeys to undertake is performing the sacred act of Umrah.

As a Muslim individual, you might have heard of people who belong to the same community performing Umrah. But do you know the real significance of Umrah? If not, then this article is here for you to understand the relative importance of doing Umrah, at least once in a lifetime. And, the same along with detailed information can be obtained for free to access the Muslim Pro app at any point in time.

What is Umrah & Its Significance?

Most people are aware of the most sacred and pious religious act of performing Hajj, for the one who is physically, emotionally, and financially capable. For all Muslims, spread across the world, Hajj is the major religious act of worship that one can perform, anytime in their lifetime.

On the other side, Umrah has been considered as the minor pilgrimage in Islam that Islamic people can perform at any time of the year. There is a complete liberty to start your journey for Umrah all the way to the sacred city of Makkah in the company of near and dear ones.

Most importantly, Umrah act of worship is being performed to seek forgiveness from all the sins in life. It is to pray to the Almighty for getting His blessings and find a new ray of light in life.

Next, we will see the complete purpose of performing Umrah, with special mentions in the Holy Quran itself.

What is the Purpose of Performing Umrah?

As we have already mentioned, the real purpose of performing Umrah is to seek His forgiveness from all your past sins. Still, there are true virtues of performing the same which is mentioned in detail in the Muslim Pro mobile application.

Here, also, we let you know some of the benefits of performing Umrah that is as follows:

* Get the Almighty’s Blessings: The primary benefit of embarking on a spiritual journey of Umrah is to avail of His blessings in life. It helps refresh your faith in Islam, understand more about Allah and His teachings towards life and humanity. The same set of lines you will find in the translated version of the Quran in the app like, “The guests of Allah are three: The Ghazi (i.e. the warrior who fights in Jihad), the Hajj (i.e. the pilgrim who performs Hajj) and the Mu’tamir”.

* Eradicate Poverty from Life: Another promising virtue of performing Umrah is to eliminate poverty from your life. It is because Allah gifts wealth to all the pilgrims who devote themselves towards the pious act of Umrah with a pure heart and intention.

* Equal to Performing Jihad: In Islam, Jihad is the most sacrificial and noble act that one can perform towards the Islamic religion. So, the same set of virtue you can enjoy while performing Umrah.

* Enhance your Allah’s Devotion: It also reaffirms your faith in the religion and makes you feel more devoted towards the same.


It is imperative to know the insights of Islamic religion and all the sacred acts of pilgrimages from a single best source of the app itself. So, download the application and know more about the ways to feel connected with Allah.

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