No matter what type of pests and insects you have at your home, they can be a nuisance and sometimes harmful too. Spiders can be potentially poisonous that can spread diseases. And not only they are dangerous, but the can be extremely annoying and very hard to get rid of. It is difficult to find their webs sometimes and frustrating to deal with, especially you mistakenly get trapped in them. Let’s be honest, most of us are terrified of spiders like really, really terrified. If you are one of them then and have spotted spiders in your home, then call a professional pest control company or just face your fear.

But, what if I say you can overcome your fear and get rid of the spiders with just some easy tricks. Yes, here we are sharing five easy and interesting ways to kill the spiders or get rid of them from your home.


If you want to know the easiest and the best way to get rid of spiders then use fire. Yes, fire is one of the most popular ways to kill spiders is fire (According to the internet). But, we would suggest you to do it with safety measures. 


Did you know that your hairspray can not only do magic for your hair, but it has some other amazing uses too? Yes, you can use your hairspray to douse the spider. The chemical will do the trick for you to get rid of the spiders.

Catching the spider in a tea cup

Let’s accept it that we all have done it in our childhood days. So, once again you need to do the same thing, lock that spider in the cup (disposable glass) and wait for someone to come, who can touch that cup and help you get rid of the spider.

Boots or flip-flop

If you have pair of sturdy booths or your flip-flop handy, pull it on and get to stomping! If it is on the floor and you can see it crawling then doesn’t wait and shoot out. This is a great way to kill that spider.

Get Help from Your Cat

Do you think your cat has nothing to do but to eat the whole day and wants your attention? Then why don’t you let your cat take care of the spider you have at your home. Cats are really fearless and also majestic beasts when it comes to the killing of household pests. If you think the spider is venomous then let your cat kill it and give you the spider free room.

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