There are actually two Niagara Falls Cities. One city is in USA, New York State, and has a population of about 56, 000, and just across the Niagara River in Canada is the other city, Niagara Falls, Ontario. This latter city has a population of over 83, 000. The Niagara Falls themselves are a series of spectacular, world renowned water falls.

Two thirds of the famous Horseshoe Falls are on the Canadian side. Separated by Goat Island from these are the American Falls on the US side. buffalo to toronto car service The Bridal Veil Falls, also on the US Side are divided by Luna Island from the main waterfall.

This whole area of Niagara's twin cities is most easily reached by tourists from either Buffalo, which is 27km to the South on the US side or from Toronto 120km to the North on the Canadian side. Both cities have airports.

There is no shortage of transport to Niagara, and apart from bus tours there are limousines to bring you in comfort either from Toronto to Niagara or limos available within Niagara itself to take you to wherever your accommodation or other destination is.

Niagara Falls is world famous as one of the favourite destinations for honeymoon couples. Whether you, as a bridal couple, are flying in to one of the nearby airports, or getting married in the area, limos for your honeymoon trip are available in both Niagara City as well as in Toronto.

Apart from weddings and honeymoons, a visit to this area is a must for tourists and visitors to the North American continent. It is one of those world sights that should be on the agenda of all who love travel.

Apart from tourism, it is also a spectacular visit for local residents of Ontario. It makes an ideal getaway for a weekend or for a day of relaxation and sight seeing for busy people from Toronto.

Limousines are available for even large parties of business executives who want to get out of the boardroom environment and settle deals in these stress free surroundings of natural beauty. It is no more than an hour and a half to two hours comfortable drive from Toronto.

Even residents within the city of Niagara will find a welcome change in taking luxurious trips through the beautiful surrounding countryside. The area is ideal for special interest nature groups or team building excursions.

The Niagara area is one of the notable wine growing areas and the wine farms provide much to see and do. Many of the vineyards welcome visits and even host social wine tasting occasions, which make a wonderful outing from Niagara city.

You will find tour routes from one vineyard to the next where connoisseurs can compare and discuss the finest wines that the area produces.

Apart from the joys of experiencing the subtle tastes of the wines, the scenery is beautiful and the tranquil greens of summer or the rich reds and bronzes and golds of autumn vineyards are worth the visit alone.