Blight is a major breakthrough on the Path of Exile, it provides players with some new tower defense style gameplay. The African continent is almost completely covered by dangerous fungi. What happens in this environment?
The idea is that Wraeclast has become overcome by massive fungal growths. This will introduce a new wrinkle to the game's usual dungeon crawling and treasure hunting: tower defense. But even with this new gameplay element added in, this challenge league will remain fresh and accessible to players looking to jump on the Path of Exile train for the first time. Players will meet a new NPC character named Sister Cassia. She'll inform players about a wave of POE Trade Currency fungal growths that have enveloped the island of Wraeclast. These growths can control the minds of nearby monsters, so Cassia calls upon players to destroy them. She has a device that can help, but it needs time in order to drain the ichor from the growths. While the device is running, players are tasked from protecting it from waves of incoming monsters.
Players protect themselves by summoning monsters in battle with fungi. The monster will flow down the growing tendrils in a fixed pattern. Players can not only protect themselves through their own power, but also build defenses on many tendril passages related to fungal growth. For different monsters, many defense towers have many different functions. When fighting with monsters, the family must first analyze the type of monsters, so that they can defeat the monsters efficiently and quickly. The more difficult it is to grow, the more tendrils will be. The endgame map will contain up to 24 different tendril blight encounters.
Throughout the game, you will not find many Blight encounters. On each map, players can only find one of these encounters, they mainly cause the transfer, and will not destroy the normal experience of POE Items exile. Players can obtain new items through these short battles, thereby increasing inventory.
In the Blight encounter, players can pick up oils and apply it to different rings and amulets. If you want to change the function of the tower, Cassia seeds need to be coated with two greases. If you want to offer a notable passive skill on the passive skill tree, you can use three kinds of grease to smear the amulet. The addition of Oils allows players to access passive skills from parts of the skill tree that might be far away from what's available in their character build.
If you want to get a huge return, you can find Blighted Maps near the end of the Blight League, which takes the Blight encounter to a new level. These withered maps can be used like any regular feature, but this area will remove all regular monsters and be replaced by a huge withered encounter. Although it is particularly difficult in battle, as long as you succeed, you can get a high return.
The Path of Exile has always been a very popular game for players, and the gameplay of the Blight Alliance has upgraded the game, making the Path of Exile a new level. I hope the simple overview above can help players , And also hope that interested players can join our family on the Path of Exile.