In the end for the survey, From the beta I made sure to include that I would love to find PSO2es published for NA. folks ask about it that it is PSO2AH considered. On the go, for a milder encounter, etc.. It has got potential for several many situations and I hope it is included by them. I've been on the lookout for a game like that where I could play in home or mobile with thickness like this.

I'm not bothering with any other. The beta had me totally hooked and I know I will be enjoying PSO2 nonstop to get a while.Same. I've been tired of playing exclusively Apex Legends cause nothing else is really interesting me on Xbox. The Yakuza Xbox vents and this will keep me busy for a long time.Can I inquire what about it is drawing you? In addition, the ability to change your course and have a TON of different play styles. In addition, I feel as the loot is rewarding. The sci-fi theme is fairly exceptional.

For many years I played other games as a substitute for PSO and in awaiting PSO2.The private BlueBurst servers were never a fantastic match for me personally. Too many things altered to'enhance Phantasy Star Online 2' when a high quality of life mods into the client was all we wanted. On the Lookout for a PSO replacement Dragon Hunter Tri and I played with. Cha-cha although close was annoying as the grind along with hell was silly. Warframe came close but the art design just gave me the heebie jeebies. A lot of others were trying hard to be the next Minecraft so I played Starmade instead. I built ships and stations hoping to reproduce the joys of PSO. Never got far.

It's not like Destiny 2 is just as shit as people make it. and I perform frequently and they are fun. They are various games that play differently. I play PSO2 because the customizations are great and the action never gets old. I play Destiny 2 because the shooting gets old, also, PvP that is actually fun. I played for thousands of hours and I think it's still enjoyable to play.

Additionally, I played and enjoyed it for a long, long time, however their current version is bullshit. You're addicted which is why you will shield the bullshit, but no getting away from the fact it's a mess and because Bungie jumped away from Activision it's got WORSE when most people expected it to get much better. The'you had to be there' approach is complete fuckery, and it has put me off. But like I said, you're addicted, which means you will downvote me and shield this, and a year ago I was doing exactly the same, so that I dont blame you.

Oh I am pretty sure in PSO2 you are able to buy all the cosmetics you want in the store without needing to get through the gacha bullshit, or there are cosmetics that you can earn for free that's worthwhile. Then, I did say nothing regarding the monetization version. I think that the shooting is fun. That is all. I really don't give a shit. I am having fun with Phantasy Star Online 2, but I say anything regarding Eververse. Did I defend the current model? Can I say it was good? I stated that the shooting is good. That's all. Apparently having fun with a game means I need to defend everything the cheap meseta pso2 company does now. For the record, I didn't downvote you. I'm not that trivial to downvote people like this.