Amazon Studios will improve the endgame content of MMO and New World, and there is a lengthy blog post about this improvement on the official website. In this article, the team explained that in order to make the game more challenging and fun for players who have experienced most of the MMO content, "expedition mutators" have been added to the game.

Although expedition mutators are not currently used, you can use the second role to join the PTR (public test realm) and experience it there.

In addition, more information about the new content will be launched later this month, which will also include the new feature umbral shards. This is a mysterious and powerful resource that can keep you from Gear Score of 600 items up to Gear Score of 625. In addition, the battle was adjusted, and the cost of fast travel and 50% of summoning brutal soldiers was increased.

Currently in Steam, the overall user evaluation of MMO New World has changed from "mostly positive" to "mixed". Among them, the most feedback is the "grind" of the game and a series of New World Coins criticisms of problems and errors. A few months ago, Amazon stated that it would take "remedial measures" against New World players who "seriously exploited" annoying coin copy errors.

Although New World reached the highest concurrency peak in history of nearly a million players when it was released on October 3, its rate is still further intensified and declining. One month after it was New World Gold released on PC, almost the average group of players left New World, so Amazon plans to consolidate servers before the holidays.

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