Go green has increasingly extended as we recognize our impact on the environment. For example, extreme weather events lead to killing wildlife and hurting our planet. However, we can do something to reduce the effect on our planet, including buying a Solid timber dining table. Solid timber furniture is one of the most environmentally-friendly furniture options. Read our entire blog to find out more about solid wood dining table. 


Solid Timber is Durable And Strong

Wooden furniture is made to be sturdy and will last for years. These pieces can last so long that many family heirlooms are elegant wooden dining room tables or wardrobes passed down for generations! Other types of furniture can break easily and have to be replaced more often. This leads to overusing materials, having a larger carbon footprint, and adding waste to landfills. On the other hand, investing in wooden furniture will mean you obtain a piece that will last you a long while. This will eventually save you money, but it will also mean less waste and emissions compared to products that were not crafted as well! 


Wood Can Be Reused And Recycled 

Because of its durability, timber can be reused and recycled even after its beginning use. 


Reclaimed Timber

Pieces of wood furniture are made by "reclaiming" pieces of wood. This means that the wood used is taken from places like old boats, sheds, salvaged pieces and the like.



The durability and quality of wood also make it possible for you to repurpose it. You can take a piece apart and use the wood from an existing piece of furniture to create something new without harvesting any new wood. This won't work with other materials, so even if furniture has worn down in older generations, solid wood pieces will live on!



Wood can function as not just a renewable source of energy but also as a form of recycling. If the life of a piece of wood has come to an end in terms of its use in furniture or structures, it can be burned either in a stove or fireplace for heat. No part of the wood will go unused, as it can all be reused and recycled multiple times through this efficient system. All of this recycling means less need to cut down trees continually; therefore, trees are saved from being destroyed. This saves trees for the environment and saves money that would otherwise be spent on more expensive sources for fueling fires like oil or natural gas! There will also be less waste because no part of the wood, or the tree it came from, is wasted. 


Timber is a Renewable Resource

When buying solid wood furniture, you should look for a company that pledges to plant as many trees as they cut down. This is possible through tree farms and sustainable harvesting methods. 


Timber Can Store Carbon

Even if the tree is cut down, the wood will still hold onto the carbon it took in as a tree. By buying wood furniture, you are undoing some of the damage caused by climate change. The addition of other plants will ensure natural carbon dioxide absorption. 


Solid Timber Products Produce Little to No Waste

Other furniture materials produce all kinds of waste, including- chemical waste, wasted materials and product waste in dumps and landfills. Every single part of the tree can be utilized and reused during the manufacturing process. The trees are used in Lumber, furniture pieces and building material. The parts that can't be used for these purposes can be burned and used as an energy source. Every part of the source material is used to yield no waste and produce little emissions output.  



If you want to buy new timber furniture, solid timber is the way. A solid timber dining table will last a lifetime, giving you an excellent piece to be proud of. You're also supporting an industry that produces little waste, few harmful emissions, and one that is committed to being sustainable and environmentally friendly.  


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