Bandhavgarh National Park experiences the North Indian Monsoon and has well-defined winter and summer seasons. In the summers(March-June), the temperature goes up to 44 C. The rains can start in mid-June with very little prior warning. Winters set in around November-February. Visitors are advised to put on multiple layers as protection against the biting cold. As the vehicles in which one moves in the park are open, it is advisable to wear very warm clothes because of the wind chill factor.

In common with most national parks in India, Bandhavgarh is closed during the monsoon season from July-mid to Oct. Most visitors come to Nov-Mar, when the landscape is green, the birdlife amazing, and temperatures in the mid 20°C, but be prepared for cold mornings in Dec and Jan. The best time to see tigers is Apr-May, as the vegetation is dry and sparse and wildlife comes to the few remaining waterholes to drink, but be prepared for the heat - expect mid 40°C - and think carefully before traveling with children at this time.

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