Undoubtedly, online education has become the new and more efficient way of schooling, providing more opportunities than the traditional learning system. It not only makes the learning more flexible but also makes the education more accessible for the learners living in the farthest part of the country. All of this at an affordable cost.

Considering the present scenario, online schooling is growing at an immense rate, and Cyboard is leading the board, by being India’s 1st Online School powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Where other institutions only shifted from the traditional way of teaching to online teaching, Cyboard has revolutionized the whole Indian education system, by gifting the country its 1st full-fledged online school. 

Being India’s first online school, which is powered by AI, Cyboard offers top-quality education, irrespective of the situation and location. At present, Cyboard has over 500 students from all across the country, that are being taught by the country’s best teachers who have a combined experience of 30+ years.

Cyboard Online School offers these programs and benefits to its students. These are: 

  1. Pre Primary program

The pre-primary program of Cyboard solely focuses on catering for the basic cognitive development of the students of the age group 3 to 6 years. Pre Primary program includes Nursery, KG, and Prep+. The curriculum designed for this program emphasis on holistic development of the child from the very beginning.

  1. Primary Program

The primary program of Cyboard has consist of a researched-based curriculum for students falling in the age group of 6 to 11 years or Grade I to VI. This program focuses on the overall development of the students, teaching them through an advanced LMS method that is backed by AI.

  1. Highly Qualified Teachers

At Cyboard, we have personally handpicked highly qualified teachers who have a combined experience of more than 30 years. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing out the best in their students and preparing them for future competition and opportunities.

  1. Live Teacher Model

At Cyboard, we have introduced a very new and unique model of teaching called as Live Teacher Model; a class under the guidance of a subject expert teacher. And, this goes for each and every class. In a traditional way of teaching or regular schooling, at times, it happens that a teacher of a different subject is asked to teach a subject of which he or she isn’t aware of. This hinders the learning process and growth of the students.

However, at Cyboard, no student will ever have to worry about that. All our teachers are experts in their own field of subjects with vast experience in the same. 

Live Teach Model eliminates the need for tuitions outside the classroom. We make sure that each and every doubt is taken into account in the class itself.