Proof of payment is one of the main documents within a company, both for the company and for the employee. There are the values of salary, discounts and bonuses. Before it was very common to deliver it printed on paper to employees, now the online payment voucher begins to gain more and more space in companies.

Modernization happens for various reasons. One of these is Fake Receipt Maker. By decreasing the amount of paper, delivering the proof of payment online as the only means of recording payments, the expense decreases. In addition to that, the computerization of the process contributes to the environment , making the company more sustainable. Security also counts: storing these vouchers digitally makes storage easier and prevents them from being lost.

6 reasons to make the payment receipt online

There are other technical reasons for choosing the online payment receipt instead of the conventional printed receipt by Fake Receipt Generator. Find out six of these below and find out why it is important to implement this system in your company as soon as possible.


Economy and accessibility

Do the math: How many people on your team produce the pay stubs for the employees? Translate this into values and you will see that certain expenses multiply, but can be reduced. By installing an automated online payment receipt system, these people can do other activities like Make A Fake Receipt.

Simplified financial reporting

Forecasting cash flow and making decisions in risky situations depends on regular financial reporting and budget planning. Create Receipt Online of payment system helps integrate employee data with financial reporting. This allows information to be viewed more quickly and clearly, in addition to facilitating the delivery to your accountant, for example.


With an online payment voucher service, you can have information or perform calculations faster than a paper report search. You just write the data and the system does the rest for you. There is no expense receipt generator, while generating receipts.

Minimization of risks of human error

Errors in pay stubs generate fines and can even cause legal problems for companies, mainly with regard to overtime. With fewer opportunities to insert data manually, the online payment voucher minimizes human error in the process. You can make make your own receipts online.

Prepare better to meet deadlines

By using an integrated and online system, the entrepreneur will be safer in terms of meeting salary deposit deadlines, as well as allowing other needs to be addressed in business time.

More access to your team

Obtaining data and certain special information about an employee is easier when you have an online system, since everything is within reach through search mechanisms. The same does not happen when you use the paper salary receipt.

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 It is worth mentioning that the receipts are generally not taxable, they do not serve as proof of collection of Taxes, and therefore they are not a replacement for the Invoices.