A gorgeous balloon arch is ideal for making a striking statement at any party or celebration. So, whether it's a baby shower, hen party, wedding, birthday, or engagement party, arch balloons are our go-to for creating a stunning party highlight. A party balloons garland is highly adaptable and may be put over a dessert table, fireplace, entry door, dance floor, or even outside to impress your visitors and make a huge impression.

Balloons have long been an essential feature of any party or celebration. The balloon arch and garland fad, on the other hand, has transformed the simple balloon into a gorgeous art form that allows you to construct sumptuous and elegant backgrounds.

While constructing a DIY balloon arch may appear to be a difficult task, don't let this deter you since it is pretty simple to put up and will serve as a terrific talking point and picture background for your party. To assist you in making your balloon garland a success, our guide will save you time by covering the resources you'll need, step-by-step directions, balloon stylist secrets, and pro tips for making our balloon arches with ease.

Our party balloons arch kit includes everything you need to make a lovely DIY balloon garland, including over 50 5" and 12" balloons in rose gold, pastel pink, and matte grey, as well as garland tape and adhesive dots. Our balloons are only appropriate for air inflation, and a balloon pump (manual or electric) is advised to help with the procedure.

Using A Balloon Pump, Inflate The Balloons.

While a balloon pump isn't required for making a balloon arch, it is highly suggested because it will speed up the process and make it much more manageable. In addition, smaller balloons, such as the 5" size, may be more challenging to inflate without using a pump.

Set away all of the balloons after they have been inflated and tied. Inflate the balloons in a circular rather than an oval form. Unroll the garland of plastic balloons.

Get Your First 12-Inch Balloon.

At the start, leave around 30cm of balloon tape free. Pull your first 12-inch balloon through the giant hole and then across to the smaller hole to attach it.

Add The Remaining 12" Balloons.

Insert the remaining 12" balloons through each hole. If the party balloons are coming too close together, skip a fix to make more room.

Trim The Garland To Size Once It Has Been Hung.

After you've attached all 12" balloons to the tape, hang the garland with string or command hooks and wire and trim the video to size.

Follow the instructions to put the display as a balloon arch. First, determine where you want the collection to bend with the balloon garland stretched out flat in front of you. Next, loop the wire/string around the spray and create a knot, making sure it is tightly wrapped around the tape between the balloons. Finally, tie a knot in the free ends of the wire/string to make a hanging loop; this guarantees that the balloon garland is secure and that the coil may be shortened if necessary.

Repeat this procedure for the beginning and finish of the balloon arch, but this time use the garland tape holes for more support. To hang your balloon arch, make sure your command hooks or similar are in position, and then turn the center portion first, followed by the top and bottom sections. Because the balloons are filled with air rather than helium, they will settle into place and form a lovely balloon archway.

Include The 5" Balloons.

Use the 5 to fill in any gaps in the balloon arch. "Use the double-sided glue dots to bind the balloons in place. Unroll the adhesive tape to reveal one glue dot for the most straightforward application. Press the exposed glue dot lightly to the desired spot on the balloon and gradually take the video away. Put the 5 in place. "Insert the balloon into the space in the garland and softly push to secure its position and enable the glue to attach.

If you're making your party balloons arch, make sure to use high-quality latex balloons because lesser balloons won't be able to handle the tugging and twisting necessary to secure the garland in place and will likely explode. Cheap latex balloons are harmful to the environment, but the color variance is visible once inflated and will not last long. High-quality balloons will guarantee that the color is consistent and that your balloon arch looks lovely before, during, and after the celebration.

Give flowers, leaves, paper flowers, or ribbons to the balloon arch to add a particular touch and wow element to your gorgeous presentation. These extra embellishments should be added after the balloon garland has been built and erected, and any new features should be added on the day of the event to avoid wilting.

Everything you need to get started is right at your fingertips. The step is to choose where you want to hang the balloon arch and to install command hooks or equivalent. Then, gather your scissors, string/wire, and all of the balloons to make the process as simple as possible.