The pass away sinking EDM devices of the ZNC EDM collection are utilized in mold and mildew and device production to recreate shot mold and mildews or matrices with high accuracy and surface area high quality. The collection is defined by top quality elements developed for constant procedure. The designs have currently shown themselves often times and provide outstanding efficiency in every dimension. The preferred functioning specifications for roughing and completing can be kept in the manage, as can the preferred functioning deepness. The table is placed by hand.ZNC EDM Machine

Easy to use CNC manage
Preloaded sphere screws on all axes
High-precision preloaded sphere screws on Z-axis
Top quality elements
Incorporated analysis system

ZNC Collection Mechanical Particular
1. The device is developed by unique CAD software application, in great framework and high accuracy, and has sensible back-oil groove to guarantee tidy and gorgeous device.ZNC EDM Machine
2. Primary axis embrace accuracy screw(made in Taiwan), lubrication embrace pin box lube, without heat, much less rubbing and high accuracy.
3. X,Y axis embrace high accuracy prepressed birthing operating in high accuracy sphere screw, with great rigidness and mobility procedure.
4. Oil Pump imported from Italy with huge streaming and reduced mistake.
5. Can arbitrarily select the techniques of eliminating ditch iron, brushing up oil or drawing oil, likewise select procedure that the workpiece is not immersed in oil.
6. It fits to procedure cavity, opening and unique form components in copper, plumbago, steel.

ZNC EDM Machine Recently developed "Digisoft Manage" - total electronic manage of sparking specifications, which is utilized in Pass away sinking devices lead to a much better surface area complete, greater Product Elimination Price (MRR) & Reduced electrode use. ISO bi-pulse innovation integrated with micro-controller centered anti-arc manage provides greater MRR with a very little arcing propensity for blind cavity and ribs on Plastic shot moulds. Solitary Display Food selection is really much easy to use for the running individual. With Premium electronic owned innovation for EDM Machining we step-in to device space market.