When it comes to fantasy sports, it is not a new concept as it is trending among sports enthusiasts for the past many years. The only thing that has changed this concept is the internet. Yes, the internet has made the process easier by integrating digital components into this field.

When more and more people are using mobile apps these days fantasy sports apps are becoming popular apps just like many other apps. This has given rise to fantasy sports app development.

You will find ample scope for businesses to invest in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) app industry. If you are among the businesses that are thinking of investing in sports mobile app development solutions, then you may have different questions in mind about fantasy sports app development. This blog will help you know the details about the Fantasy Sports App.

Fantasy Sports App- What Is It All About?

It is an entertaining prediction game online which can be accessed via a mobile app. In this game, fantasy gamers can build a virtual team comprising of real players. This online app helps the players earn points based on the performance of the real players they choose.

Fantasy Sports App – How does it work?

This app allows its users or participants to build a virtual team with real sports players. The users can select a budget for the players they feel would score more in a particular match.

After the game starts, the performance of a specific player is converted into points (it is decided by the app manager). The addition of these points is used to announce the results in the end. So, the team having the highest score is the winner of that particular contest. The different steps to be followed on the app are:

1. Participate in a match

Firstly, a user needs to register and log in to the app. Now, the user can pick the match from the options.

2. Create a team

Users can select the team members based on the requirements of the game.

3. Select the leader

Once the user decides on the team, they can choose the team captain.

1. Team Division

Users can split the team by following the rules and guidelines of the sport and online players can join.

2. Team Management

The user can change the members of their team.

3. Earning points

The players are assigned the points based on their match performance. The player with the highest points is declared the winner.

Fantasy Sports Apps – Why Are They Becoming Popular Rapidly?

With the introduction of online gaming ideas, Fantasy Sports Apps are gaining a lot of popularity in different countries. The reasons for its rapidly growing popularity are :

  • It helps users to participate and enjoy fast and genuine money games
  • Gives actual sports experience to the sports lovers
  • Allows users to join the polls and earn cash as a bonus via referrals.
  • Helps connect with different people worldwide.
  • Allows the sports enthusiast to alter the result of the actual game via a fantasy sports app.
  • As per the stats, around 45.9 million fantasy sports players are part of this platform in 2019 in the United States

Fantasy Sports Apps – Essential Features To Be Considered For Fantasy Sports App Development

When it comes to a fantasy sports app, it works with two panels –

  1. User or Participant
  2. Admin Panel

Let us have a look at the essential features for each of the above two panels :

Users or Participants App

  • Sign-Up or Log-In Option
  • Home Screen
  • Build Profile
  • Live Score
  • Select Team
  • Join Game
  • Match Result
  • Match Analytics
  • Mail Reminders
  • Payment Mode
  • In-app Chat
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Invite & Earn

Admin Panel

  • Signup/Login
  • Organize Leagues/Tournaments
  • Manage Results
  • Track Payment
  • Rewards Management
  • Manage Players, Teams, Matches, and Tournaments
  • Notifications
  • Merchandise Sales

Fantasy Sports Apps – Different methods to Monetize Fantasy Sports App

1. Participation Fees

Well, you can monetize your fantasy sports app by imposing a participation fee. It can be minimal. It means the user will have to pay a nominal fee to participate in a tournament or league.

2. Advertisements

It is amongst the best ways to generate revenues for your app. Most companies prefer to promote their products on popular apps and do not mind paying a large amount to promote it on fantasy sports apps to advertise their products or services.

3. Merchandising

You can introduce accessories, merchandise, or apparel. It can be an effective marketing strategy to connect with a wide network of audiences. You can include a range of sports-related merchandise or related to happening events.

4. Organize Leagues/Tournaments

You can organize tournaments or leagues often to boost your customer base. It will help you make them pay a nominal fee for participation and registration.

5. Daily Events

Most participants on fantasy sports apps lookout for instant rewards or daily rewards. These strategies can encourage the players to join and play often. The award or daily events on your app can grab curious players to register and participate by paying the minimum charges.

Most Popular Fantasy Sports Apps

  • CBS Fantasy Sports
  • ESPN Fantasy Sports
  • FanDuel
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports
  • DraftKings
  • Dream11

Hire An Efficient App Development Company For Your Fantasy Sports App

Before you hire a fantasy sports app development company for your project, make sure they have an expert team to help you get a profitable app. With the right mobile app development services, you will be able to leverage the latest technologies for your app. If you are looking for a mobile app development company, having enough experience to understand virtual gaming niche and deliver an app that helps you connect to a wider audience base, then get in touch with X-Byte Enterprise Solution that helps you get custom app or white label sports app development solutions that allows you to get everything right on your fantasy sports app.


Without any doubt, you can say that the fantasy sports app has gained a huge fan base across the world. It is indeed one of the profitable markets with high growth in the coming years.

Looking at the popularity, credibility and good reviews gained by fantasy sports apps recently, you can say that is the best time, to begin with, fantasy sports app development.

If you are planning to dive into the online gaming industry with a scalable industry with a fantasy sports app, then can seek help from a fantasy sports app development company USA or any other country you reside in to get maximum ROI from your app.


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