In various parts of the world, Christianity has always played a significant role in human education. People were taught in schools, but human evolution was limited by Christianity. Unlike Catholic and Orthodox religions, which place a great value on God's supremacy and written inspection and hence reject different anti-religious sciences, protestant churches place a strong value on good acts and helpful conduct. Protestant churches thought that God created all sciences and that it was human responsibility to learn as much as possible while also declaring God and expressing God in all human achievements.

When Christianity is taught in schools, students are stigmatized. According to studies, pupils who learn about Christianity and Christian principles at school are far less likely to engage in unlawful behaviors such as underage drinking, promiscuous sex, or carrying weapons. Also, students who study Christianity learn early in their careers about the Reduction of Crime and Reduction of Violence, which helps our world become a crime-free and violence-free community.

Christian education plays an important role for the entire country. Students in their teens are still establishing their personalities and need to be inspired by a variety of people. The practical value of Christian education is backed up by data that demonstrate a reduction of violence, loose conduct, or involvement in illicit activities, while the separation of church and state ensures that no one religious leader can seize control of the political life. The importance of Christian education in the reduction of crime reflects the genuine need for such education in society.

At the same time, Christianity's status as an optional religion affords essential freedoms to students of other religions or even atheists who do not wish to be affected by religious ideas. It instructs you on How to Live the Abundant Life. The freedom of choice forces Christian instructors to compete for pupils, preventing them from abusing Christian morals as is common in countries where Christianity is dominant.

To sum up, I believe that the Christian educational choice gives excellent supplemental content to students all around the world.