I think one of the first things women may think about is that they might be spending more than disposable pads and tampons on reusable menstrual products. While this used to always be the case, there has been a huge increase in quality and business for these kinds of menstrual cups and period panties so prices have dropped substantially over the years. You can really save a lot of money by switching to reusable sanitary pads or menstrual cups since you no longer need to worry about buying them every month or every other month! The second benefit is that reusable sanitary pads feel better than disposable ones because they're not full of chemicals. Reusable sanitary pads can also come in many styles like thongs for light days, overnight pads, panty liners and even pads with wings!

Many mothers are concerned about the environment and do what they can to help save it. This is because many people are unaware of the impact that daily waste has on the environment. Many women know that they should use reusable pads or cloth diapers but there is some question as to which type will qualify. The greatest amount of waste created over a woman's lifetime consists of disposable feminine products. Some family members think making Best Reusable Pads would be too much work so mothers continue to buy tampons, pads, and panty liners using plastic applicators adding unnecessarily to the landfill crisis. Many families recycle cans and bottles for extra cash so this may be something small you can do with your children to teach them about saving our Earth!