HONG KONG COMPANY REGISTRATION AND INCORPORATIONBeing one of the most open economies around the globe, Hong Kong is the perfect location for business setup and business formation. Hong Kong is specifically geared for allowing free-market enterprises to thrive with the least amount of restrictions and bureaucracy.

Hong Kong combines a simple tax system with low rates and freedom market principles. There are no limits on investment inbound or outbound and there aren't any restrictions on nationality on ownership. Foreign investors are able to invest in almost any company and hold up to 100 percent in equity.  incorporating business

It is important to note that the Hong Kong tax system is territorial. Profits made by an Hong Kong business are subject to the tax on profits (currently at 16.5 percent) but income from foreign sources is not tax deductible, even if it is remitted into Hong Kong. The capital gains tax is not a factor, there is no sales tax, and no withholding tax on dividends , or interest, and there is there is no inheritance tax.

Alongside being a major commercial and financial center as a whole, Hong Kong serves as the regional capital and a business hub in Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific region. Hong Kong also serves as a gateway for businesses who want to conduct business within Mainland China and mainland enterprises looking to access international markets.

The attraction of Hong Kong rests on its stability in the political arena as well as its rule of law and the open circulation of information, and the utilization for English as the official language of business. Hong Kong is a thriving source of highly skilled local talent as well as business-friendly immigration laws permit easy access to professionals from abroad.

Sovereign is a renowned worldwide company services provider, with more than twenty years experience within Hong Kong. Hong Kong market. Sovereign Trust (Hong Kong) can assist you in selecting the most efficient and effective legal entity. It will then create and register the entity according to local laws and regulations.

A business will need to have at least a minimal presence in the area of incorporation, which is having a registered office, the presence of a resident secretary for the company and/or an agent who is a resident. We usually provide these services to every client we serve and classify them as 'domiciliary' services.

We also provide the essential knowledge and experience in managing and governing companies, which includes corporate secretarial services as well as corporate law, board procedures director responsibilities, shareholder relations, as well as corporate compliance and financial requirements. This allows the owners of the company to concentrate on their core business.