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MagicDecor 85Pcs Boho Home Decor Dried Flowers Arrangements White & Natural Pampas Grass, Reed, Bunny Tails.Perfect for home and wedding decor.


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  1. About Pampas Grass.
  1. Pampas Grass Wreath.


About Pampas Grass:

Pampas Grass decor is one kind of dry grass that we use for decorating our home, wedding, kitchen, or any events. Pampas grass decor is really unique and satisfactory.


Pampas Grass Wreath:

Here we have these modern gold wire wreaths this size looks like about 18 inches 20 19 inches and then we have a smaller one 10 inches these you can find at michael's online wherever we're going to be using some crafting wire you can use whatever color you want have scissors wire cutters and then we have of course our pompous grass i found this on the side of the road in an office building like alley canyon area however you can get it at a wholesale flower place you can ask your local florist on amazon i think you can really find them anywhere so you can of course mix this with it with any kind of wreath but we thought it'd be fun to make it a little bit more full a very kind of modern wreath um so we are just going to do all pompous grass today we might embellish it with a few special crystals or whatnot but let's get started in building our week perfect there are a few different methods you can use to make this um but what we're going to be using today to secure the pompous is some floral wire so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to take and secure a little piece by twisting the edge to any section of your gold wire just kind of twist it around and we're going to leave it connected because we're going to use this as we wrap our pompous grass around you don't need a super long stem and then again we can go back and trim it but leave at least a few inches and how we're going to begin is we're going to secure the first one a little bit at a diagonal coming off to the side so it's all going to fan out and build around this way add it to a little bit angle and then you take your wire and you just wrap it around super securely maybe twice and then just set it off to the side don't worry about these sticks because we're gonna trim them up at the end so now it's all a matter of cutting and layering. Buy pampas grass artificial from us and be satisfied.

You're gonna want them all around this similar length some of the grass is below you can easily just pull it off so you still have your stem we have this we're going to hide this stem with the next one on top and we're just going to start layering and then take your wire give it a another wrap or two around and i am done with mine amy is still working on hers you do need a lot of pompous grass especially if you're doing the 20 inch we decided we're gonna leave part of the wire exposed for like a more modern wreath this is the back now i'm done i left a little bit of wire so that i can secure any last little bit of pieces but i'm going to go through and trim all the exposed sticks so right here you can see a little bit of the wire i would probably go and hot glue gun a small little piece just to hide that last little bit we'll show you the final product in a sec okay here is our final wreath this was the 10 inch went all the way around and i just added this little velvet ribbon and then here's the 19 inch as you can see we left a little bit of the gold ring exposed for a little bit more of like a modern different look a little bit more bohemian and then obviously you guys can interchange the ribbon and add other things like feathers or other little like we could put eucalyptus in here to make it a little bit more christmassy our berries are super pretty they're really fun and whimsical. Magic Decor provides the best quality pampas grass dried around the USA.