If you are reading this post, you might be looking for varicose and spider vein treatment Houston! Constant and prolonged stagnancy, unhealthy and languishing lifestyle, has led us to many health concerns, Spider and Varicose veins being two of them. If you are currently experiencing varicose or spider veins, it is important to seek medical help today. You must also find and learn more about your treatment options.

Before moving onto the types of vein treatments available to you, it's important to have a general understanding of what venous insufficiencies really are and why they happen!


What are varicose and spider veins?

Varicose and spider veins are unhealthy veins that are commonly found on the individual's legs. Occasionally unpleasant or scratchy, they can form ulcers and scabs if you scrape them repeatedly. Veins have valves that function to regulate the general flow of blood. Sometimes these valves can break or stop functioning, and the vein consequently gets pooled with blood. The protruding purple, blue or red spidery web-like patterns on your legs and face are, in fact, those unhealthy veins where blood is not able to go through. The varicose veins, on the other hand, are large & entangled veins generally caused by the pooling of the blood. These veins tend to become more common with increasing age.

What are the treatment options? 

With time and technology innovations, there are plenty of treatments available to treat spider and varicose veins. The spider or varicose vein treatment Houston generally includes removal of the unhealthy veins from the body. This has actually become a fairly usual procedure, given that, so many people experience the condition of varicose and/or spider veins. A small laceration right over the veins in question allows the doctor to remove the damaged one from the body while you sleep peacefully under anesthesia.

Sclerotherapy, Laser Treatment, and RF Ablation are some of the minimally invasive treatments used today to cure venous insufficiencies. There's additionally the choice to go through Ligation & Stripping, which includes a small incision near the groin and one near the ankle joint to ensure that a thin tube can go through to eliminate the damaged veins.

Sometimes people are more concerned about their appearance, and thus merely consider varicose and/or spider vein treatment Houston for cosmetic factors. And some might choose the procedure in concern with the health problems caused by varicose or spider veins, such as blood circulation issues, leg pain & involuntary movements, and inflammation. Whatever is your reason for undergoing spider or varicose vein Houston, you can feel confident as it’s risk-free and a skilled vein doctor will walk you through all the necessary information about the procedures.

Can we stop varicose and spider veins to occur?

Not everyone suffers from venous insufficiencies. These vein diseases usually happen to people with an inactive lifestyle, obesity, heart concerns, through inheritance, and so forth. Similar to any other concerns, varicose and spider veins can also be prevented. There are lots of remedies you can do to get away with these conditions.

Exercise: Working out consistently boosts leg toughness, blood flow, and the overall vein strength. Exercises relating to legs such as strolling or running helps a lot to maintain these problems away. Your legs carry the weight of the whole body, so keep the weight controlled.

Do not sit or stand for prolonged periods: While you are sitting or standing, take a walk around about every thirty minutes.

Though the chance of complications arising out of the procedures has overcome, it's significant to address them with your vein doctor prior to undertaking any treatment. Consult with a qualified vein treatment specialist today to review your treatment alternatives.

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