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Table of Contents

  • What are the uses of portable power stations?
  • How does a portable power station work?
  • Why is a portable power station best?

What are the uses of portable power stations?

The uses of power stations at outdoor hangout style socket it's one of those dealies a lot of stuff gets powered off of that for instance air compressors and stuff like to use that all a lot and up here we have a display turned that on and it shows the battery charging when it came it said first thing to do was charge it up so we charged it up there and that display also has a light inside let's see what we have on this side here we've got an portable power stations flashlight Deeley looks like a grill nothing on the back nothing on this side another grill take a look at the bottom here and we've got nice rubber feet keep it secure and we've got some of the specs here you can see what we say Jack re-explore 300 so lithium ion it's got a 24 amp hour pack but at 12 volts a lot of them have 12-volt packs or 11.2 but it says hours and that's the packs capacity so that's pretty good a lot of power in there Macie input 12 to 12 volt at 3.5 mm 100-watt max so power stations.

How does a portable power station work?

Portable power stations guess the maximum solar panel you can put on that is a hundred watts I didn't get the solar panel and he said something vote I'm not being able to ship it to Canada they do have their own proprietary solar panel for it portable power supplies you can put in it other types of solar panels as well I do have a hundred Watts energy solar panels so I'll do a test with that DC output under 10 volts 4.5 4 amps 300 watts or a 200  watts surgeon the inverter so can handle quick spike but it'll run 100 continuous two times DC outputs 12 volts at amps and the carport 12 volts at 10 amps so each of these our worst our can handle 7 amps and this can handle 10 I wonder if they can do them all at the same time off to test that power stations.

Why is a portable power station best?

The best quality portable power stations recharging temperature 100w power stations Celsius operating temperature "ROCKSOLAR" okay it's not a bad little box maybe we'll get into doing some tests here first test I think I'll do is give it a max capacity test so we gonna plug in a heater into this inverter output and see how much it can handle ok when I turn that DC button on to turn that plug on we hear a fan turn on right away even though generator solar panel don't have anything plugged in which all right away we don't really like that it'd be nice if it was temperature controlled and only came on if it needs it too because it's kind of annoying if you have a fan that always has to run even say if I use this now is only used in 60watts of it shouldn't really need a fan to run check the USB, ok well let's do that test first and then we'll give it to us to some of the DC and we'll also do a charging test see how long it takes for this to charge.

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