Wallpapers are the most convenient and accessible tool for interior decoration. They bring patterns and colors to your walls. The Light Blue Wallpaper can convert your bland corner into something interesting. However, the eye-catching and attractive wallpaper designs are enough to attain the visitors' attention.

Traditionally, homes are inclined towards wall paint, and wallpapers were mostly used for commercial lobbies, hotel rooms, and office spaces. These days' wallpapers have come back with various features and improvements. 

Keep reading this article to learn why wallpapers are the perfect choice over the paint: -

The installation process:

The wallpaper installation process is about cutting the paper and sticking it onto your walls. No doubt, it requires a certain expertise in the hanging wallpaper process. Wallpapers are easily installed on the walls of your room. Depending on the room size, you can finish the wallpapering within a day. Once you apply the wallpaper, it doesn't need to be dried. Besides, wallpaper doesn't leave an odour in the air of your room. However, it is a time-saving and hassle-free task, and your room is ready to use once the wallpapering is complete. In addition, wallpapers seem a much more appealing choice than paints for homeowners who are short on time.

In the paint, it consists of various steps before painting the wall. Your wall should have to be smoothened, floors need to be covered, and shift the furniture from the room. After that, add the coat of primer on the walls of your home and leave the surface for drying. The next step after the primer is an applied base coat and again leaves for dry before the second coat of paint. However, it is a time-consuming task.

Variety in designs:

Everyone wants to create a perfect look in their home, whether wallpaper or paint. With the wallpapers, you have plenty of design ideas for your home. They have come in multiple designs options such as damasks, faux textured, 3D designs, floral, stripes, botanicals, geometrics, and metallic. These days most people choose customized wallpaper designs for their homes. Turn the entire look of your room with the faux-textured white brick wallpaper.

With paints, you can only select the wall color in particular shades. In addition, paint offers textured paint and patterns, but it is not a popular type and comes in a high range.

Lasts for years

Paint starts to fade after a few years; they lose their color and shine within 3-4 years. Wall paint don't retain their polish for a long time because of exposure to sunlight. However, sometimes damp stains or wall cracks can cause discoloured walls.

Furthermore, wallpapers are long-lasting, easy to use, and clean. Additionally, wallpapers are printed digitally; their designs and color remain intact for 8 to 10 years. The durability of the wallpapers can make them cost-efficient in the long run.

Less VOC emissions

Wall paints are made of toxic chemicals, releasing the VOC gases into the air, and these gases can cause serious health effects.

Wallpapers are made from renewable materials and paper, and that's why they don't release any toxic gases into the air.

To conclude

Wallpapers consist of various benefits as compared to the paint. Moreover, Light Blue Wallpaper is a perfect addition to your home as they are easy to install and maintain.


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