With current weather conditions up and down the UK being so “bbbbbrrrrrr”-worthy (and if that isn’t yet the case near you, it surely soon will be!), it is important to be vigilant with regard to not only keeping warm yourself but also doing the same for your little one.

Not all the rules that might apply to adults when it comes to preserving warmth will necessarily apply equally to babies. So, let’s take a close look at some of the most crucial things for parents and guardians to remember on this subject over the colder months. 

Take a multi-layered approach… literally 

‘Layering’ is probably the keyword when it comes to dressing a baby or toddler for winter weather. And a good general rule is to dress your little one in one more layer than whatever you’re wearing at any given time. This will then enable you to add or remove layers from your bundle of joy as you go about your day together, including when nipping in and out of houses, cafes and shops. 

Advice from the National Health Service (NHS) includes ensuring that you remove your baby’s hat and any extra clothing as soon as you enter an indoor environment or get into a warm car, bus or train. This might necessitate waking your baby, but it’s important to prevent them from overheating. 

Look for clothing that is easy to remove 

Whether you’re shopping for snowsuits, pramsuits, ponchos or knitted coats for your little one this winter, you should look for features – such as full-length front openings – that will help make it a stress-free process to quickly put your baby’s clothing on and take it off as necessary. You are likely to be especially thankful for that during times when your child is sleeping. 

Strike the right temperature balance at night 

While we’re on the subject of the overheating risk, this is a topic that we must also touch upon in relation to those times when you and your young one aren’t ‘out and about. 

A baby becoming overheated is linked to a greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), otherwise often referred to as ‘cot death’. It is therefore crucial to keep your child’s bedroom at a comfortable temperature of between 16 degrees C and 20 degrees C, with 18 degrees C being ideal. 

A room thermometer will help you check this; if the room temperature feels about right when you are lightly dressed, you will have probably struck the optimal balance. 

To help prevent your baby from overheating, also make sure their sleeping place is well away from heaters, radiators, fires or direct sunlight, and be sure to avoid placing an electric blanket or hot water bottle in their bed.   

Check your baby’s tummy before their hands 

Another good rule of thumb for ensuring your baby is at the right temperature is feeling their tummy, and then adjusting their layers or bedding accordingly. This will be a much better indicator of whether they are too hot or too cold than their hands. 

It is normal for tiny hands and feet to feel cold during the winter; if, however, your little one has bluish or blotchy palms, it could be a good idea to pop on some extra socks or gloves. If you’re concerned about your baby being too cold, you can also give them the benefit of your body warmth by holding them close. 

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