Ethiopian Airlines allows you to make changes in your itinerary efficiently by visiting its official website. However, the airline mandates that your ticket must qualify the standard terms and conditions to make a flight change.

So, you must have a clear idea about Ethiopian Airlines reschedule policy if they wish to make changes in their itinerary. This article can help you get acquainted with such a policy so that you do not have to face any inconvenience.

Terms and Conditions Related to Ethiopian Airlines Flight Reschedule

If you wish to reschedule your flight due to any underlying reasons, eventually making it hard to continue the journey. Check out the below discussed points related to the reschedule terms and conditions as imposed by Ethiopian Airlines-

  • At Ethiopian Airlines, you can change the flight and reschedule the flight on your preferred itinerary.
  • You can make the changes for free and get a new flight to cover the journey by making the reservation within a day of the original booking.
  • Also, you can make the desired changes in your itinerary up to 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • And, if you have booked a ticket covering the Ethiopian route, you need to pay the applicable charges ranging up to 10 USD.
  • If you cover a North American route to reach your destination, you must pay around 200 USD to reschedule your flight. 
  • For other routes, you need to pay the change charges up to 100 USD depending on the route you have chosen and the length of your journey.

So, keep in mind the Ethiopian Airlines reschedule policy if you are looking forward to any flight changes. Moreover, if you face any trouble understanding the reschedule policy or find it hard to complete the rescheduled formalities on your own, you can contact Ethiopian Airlines contact number.

If you have any sort of issues for rescheduling flight with Ethiopian Airlines then you can make a call on Ethiopian Airlines Customer support team at +1(802) 209 2600.

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