How many servers are you planning to dedicate to this mode? I was assuming there wouldn't be that many, so"jumping to a random universe", would mean like picking one out of 5 servers out there. And about the D-warhammer: I have nothing against certain tasks being out of my reach, like I know I will not be in a position to do CoX tasks and that is okay. However, the issue with D-warhammer is the extreme RNG. Will they? If the machine has a limited period time and a job like this is significantly luck based, it truly does not seem balanced, but rather unfair. It barely measures skill or devotion to RuneScape Gold . Have you ever considered having some kind of counter to this? Something such as Vorkath, maybe, where you get the bit needed for accumulator for sure after a predetermined amount of kills? Cheers for the awesome mode anyways, let's hope it does well!

Is there no method to link accounts? Id be pleased to put membership on a second account to use for leagues and also have its points go to my own iron. If it comes down to 2 months of no progress in my ironman or leagues I'll not be playing leagues which is a shame because this seems unbelievable. Could you possibly make the makeup transferable to irons in the same way which bonds are given to them? Or would this make precisely the issue you've mentioned? The same issue, because that's still transferring from 1 account to another in some fashion. As you asked this question, however, I feel like I need to point out that there is no problem getting league rewards within an ironman in case you play with leagues with this account, it just means you can not play on your ironman simultaneously.

Wait, so this confuses me. Am I completely locked out of enjoying OSRS on my main in this time, or merely from being logged in at the exact same time, on the exact same account? Because if it is the latter, that's reasonable. I am happy to switch off that I'm playing over the course of two months.Considering the benefits are decorative, does it really matter if an Ironman gets them? It won't give them an edge over other Ironmen.Yes, because they're prestigious, to some extent. Some people are saying that these benefits are only prestigious if you're an ironman (because otherwise you can just buy them).

They aren't as admired as you might think. Even in the main game I really often can not locate a place on a total level world but hop to some random other planet as well as the places free, people gravitate to the greater requirement worlds and the payoff will feel great to those who get it. Bear in mind that there are slayer only caves for Shamans and the point is there are a huge variety of jobs. Pick which ones you would like, some folks will want to get a dragon warhammer and will probably be rewarded for this. Some people would rather do other things.The aim isn't to complete each of the tasks but to provide an infinite bucket of possible goals for people to Buy OSRS Gold select from.