Best Pampas Grass Decor 2022

MagicDecor Natural Dried Pampas Grass, 5 Stems Large 4ft Tall Beige Pompass Grass with 30 Bunny Tail, 35pc Pompous Flower Arrangements. Ideal for Boho, Wedding, Fall, Rustic, Farmhouse Room Decor.

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What is Pampas Grass?

About Pampas Grass.

Decorating With Pampas Grass.


What is Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass is a dried flower or grass that we use for decorating our home, wedding event, and many more.

About Pampas Grass:

Cortaderia grass in the home decor world is obviously ornamental dried-like foliage that you see. A lot in interior design photos and styled rooms and stuff like that in the wild it's basically just a flowering plant that is actually considered invasive in several areas of the world in fact in New Zealand and in Hawaii it's actually banned you can't grow it there so if you're thinking of growing pampas grass-like planting it in your garden maybe think twice about that because it is very very difficult to remove if you want to remove it creates huge root systems it spreads like wildfire it can actually harm the plants around it because it just overtakes everything and it can be even dangerous to wildlife like birds that come and feed on it because of the razor-sharp leaves that it has.

Decorating with Pampas Grass:

I was assuming the pampas grass decor would be attached to the stick so i'm not sure what's going on another thing is i order so much stuff i'm assuming it's the palmer's grass that would be funny okay so yeah it is they packaged it well i'm having such a hard time because i actually taped it to the inside of the box by the stick to make sure that it did not move so there we go yeah so it's taped down at the bottom here and as you can see guys i think these were 24 to 28 inches long i can't remember in the description but i will show you guys and these look like they are going to be pretty fluffy here yeah they are they are thick guys they're nice and fluffy they are having a little bit of shading okay um and i guess this would be expected when you first open them but they are thick they look like cotton bales i don't know if you guys can see that but they are pretty thick and i think i got five stamps so once i get them styled guys i'll let you all see how it goes they do actually have some bend to them see you can bend them a little bit to style them so i'll let you guys see a clip here at the end i've got to make sure i got the right size base form and yeah they're cute so if you're looking for pompous grass i'll drop the description down below all right guys here we go i said i would do a end product of the um Cortaderia grass that i ordered and it actually turned out really nice guys. Buy beautiful pampas grass dried decor from us that fulfill your satisfaction.

So if you guys can see it's so soft and fluffy has a very nice look to it soft elegant feel i found this vase at ross to put it in and i think it holds it well i will say this Cortaderia grass came from etsy i'll post the link in the description box but it is very very delicate it does shed a little bit um not too bad but it's very delicate so when you pull the um tears and the branches to fluff it you have to be extremely careful because it will break them and i think that's just a part of pompous grass itself it's a delicate stamp so you just have to be really careful with it but i actually like it i feel like it came out really really nice guys so it gives my backdrop a total different look and i think i'm going to enjoy it so if you're interested in purchasing i will put the link below um i was not sponsored by anyone this is something i purchased myself i think they did run a little over 30 dollars actually almost 40 because i ordered five stamps you can do three stems if you want to do a smaller um vase but let me know how you like it down.