If you're looking for some festive shopping ideas, you might want to take a look at the most popular items on Amazon. From books to electronics and everything in between, these are the items that are being purchased the most right now. Whether you're looking for inspiration or just want to see what all the fuss is about, this list is sure to have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get scrolling!

  1. The Ultimate Ears Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker might look like a colorful sphere, but appearances can be deceiving. In regards to sound quality, it's one of the best on the market today. It looks great and it sounds even better.

  1. Anker PowerCore+ 10050 Premium Aluminum Portable Battery Charger

In an age where batteries drain faster than we can charge them thanks to Snapchat and Instagram, a portable battery charger is a must-have item for many people these days. If you're going somewhere without access to a power outlet, this little tool will save your phone from dying before the day is over!

  1. Tile Mate - Key Finder Phone Finder Anything Finder - 1 Pack To find your misplaced car keys, you might need to stop and retrace your steps. If you're looking for a lost phone, however, it's much easier. Just press the button on this little tile and your phone will start ringing even if the volume is set at its lowest point!
  2. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote - streaming media player With more than 35,000 reviews on Amazon, many consider the Fire TV Stick to be one of the best streaming devices on the market right now. It has apps for all your favorite services like Netflix and Hulu along with plenty of other goodies that you won't find with Roku or Chromecast .
  3. White Marble iPhone 6S Plus Case 8GB 256GB 512GB 1TB External Hard Disk with Lightning Cable for iPhone - USB 3.0 High Speed File Transfer & Backup with Universal Charging Port If you prefer keychain-sized flash drives to portable battery chargers, this is the drive for you! You can carry around up to 1 terabyte of storage in your pocket without adding much bulk at all.
  4. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson Another book that thousands of people are buying is "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes." It's still available on Amazon, despite being published back in 2005 . For many fans of the legendary comic strip, it's an item that they've had their eyes on for years!
  5. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso With more than 500 reviews, this is another book that has been flying off the shelves. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to be a success and it's endorsed by some of today's biggest entrepreneurs like Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran .
  6. Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker If you haven't seen one of these bad boys, you've got to check them out! They're pressure cookers that are taking the world by storm right now thanks to their ease of use and their stress-free safety features. These things are awesome!
  7. Nintendo Switch - Gray Joy-Con If you want to play video games on your TV but don't want to spend thousands on a console, this is the perfect item for you. It's a portable system that lets you play games on your television and on the go, which is something that not many other consoles can do!
  8. Fast Wireless Charger, CHOETECH Fast Charge 7.5W Wireless Charging Stand Compatible with Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8 This one doesn't need much of an explanation at all. If you have a Samsung device, this is hands down one of the best wireless chargers you can get. Forget plugging in your phone every time it needs to charge; just set it down on this pad and pick it up when it's fully charged!

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Whether you're looking for inspiration or just want to see what all the fuss is about, this list is sure to have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Have a happy holiday season! [ Amazon Best Seller ]