Let us make life simpler for a parent of a preemie. 

After all, finding clothes for a premature baby can be very tricky.

Luckily, we are here to help you be more confident and less finnicky. 

If you’re searching for clothes for a premature baby girl or clothes for a premature baby boy, let Greendigo be your shopping companion.  

Here are 5 important things to consider.

  1. Scout for a style that serves basic needs

Number one on our preemie baby checklist is opting for need-based apparel i.e., styles that satisfy the basic requirements of your premature child. Aspects like weight, height, health condition, and medical equipment, will determine what is most appropriate and safe. For instance, unlike full-term babies, preemies are swaddled with their arms on the chest and legs tucked up. Which means buying a specific kind of swaddle, one that isn’t too big nor too small.

  1. Say yes to a silhouette that enables easy access 

Premature baby clothes are designed in a special way, to ensure quick and easy access to all parts of your baby’s body. While choosing clothes for preemies, explore silhouettes with additional opening options – either on the shoulder, sides, or front. This way, you can slip on and slip off the garment without disturbing hospital accessories like tubes and wires, whilst still providing easy access to them. 

  1. Assuage fears with the right fabric

Premature babies have incredibly sensitive skin, even more so than full-term babies. Generally, their skin isn’t fully developed as yet and hence more vulnerable to damages. And so, material matters! Greendigo’s organic cotton clothing is the perfect safe harbour for your delicate darling. It is soft, light, breathable, and preemie-right.  

  1. Make a wish for machine-friendly

Premature baby clothes need to be sterilised at a particular temperature, so that it is completely rid of dust, dirt, and germ particles. Making certain that the garments are squeaky clean and safe is much easier when you can depend on a good-old washing machine. The washer allows you to pre-determine the temperature and wash cycle. Plus, you can use preemie sensitive detergent.

  1. Be oh-so wise about the size

Remember, new-born sizes do not equal to preemie sizes. In fact, a small difference of a few centimetres often makes all the difference. Many kids clothing brands cater specifically to premature babies, so make sure to check the label before making a purchase. Also, study the size chart, and look out for criteria such as height, weight, and gestation age. 

If you’re looking for a little additional guidance, let preemie organic baby clothes be the answer.

Greendigo has “GOTS” you covered…