We all know that Dubai is a great place to visit and explore. There are many places that attract visitors from all over the world as it is very attractive and inviting to see. Dubai Desert Safari is definitely not to be missed in Dubai. The best part of this desert safari tour in Dubai is that the locals perform overnight around the campfire with dinners and various dances after having fun with fellow friends and family.

The beauty of watching these dance shows on a desert safari is that it refreshes your mind and soul, makes you feel good about yourself and greatly reduces stress levels. Whether you are on a business or official trip, do not miss a safari trip to Dubai, as it is an experience you will never forget for a lifetime.

It’s a great way to have fun and make memories you will cherish forever. You can enjoy both the natural beauty of the desert safari and the live dance performance without any recorded videos or pictures. You can explore traditional foods cooked over an open fire, camel rides and many other things like the option of traveling in a 4 × 4 car through the dunes.

Dubai Desert Safari
So, if you are looking to go on a desert safari tour in Dubai, here is what you need to know:

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Dance shows on the Dubai Desert Safari begin when it gets dark and at the end of the day when there is no sunlight. It usually starts at 4: 30-5: 00 pm and lasts until 9 pm. The duration of each performance may vary, but some dances are performed by two or three performers together. Sometimes, the whole group gives performances together, sometimes they perform solo.

Items to carry
When you go on a Dubai desert safari, do not forget to dress according to the weather conditions. Sometimes it can be very cold in winter so make sure you bring warm clothes as needed. Also an appropriate dress code is a must when going to popular dance shows.

You should also wear long pants or clothing with proper footwear. Dance is a form of art, and you must synchronize it with the rhythm when watching a live performance, so make sure you wear clothing that prevents you from turning freely.

Seating area
You can see how they worked and how they worked to create these lovely dances. Also, keep in mind that it can be crowded at times, so if you are carrying any valuables with you, make sure to keep them safe when you go on a desert safari trip.


If you are sitting on the floor, make sure you carry a proper chair or stool with you to keep the sand from touching your clothes and sticking to it for too long.

This dessert safari tour in Dubai has a total of 6 functions. There is no specific order, but all of these actions follow a pattern- some come before dinner and some after. The six functions are as follows:

Camel breed
Performance of folk songs
Fire dance and dinner
Live Bands and Desserts
Arabia Night Show
Capture the excitement of this desert safari tour by participating in a dance show with a variety of music. If you are new to these traditional dances, watch them carefully and try to imitate them yourself and you will make some amazing moves.

The last word
If you want to see the variety of dance performances around the campfire, Dubai Desert Safari is a great place to visit. Each show is unique and can be enjoyed by people of any age or culture. You can watch it once to have fun with family and friends but trust us; Do you want to come back! So, plan in advance and book your tickets now.

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