What is the KN95 Mask?

The KN95 mask protects users from any kind of particle, large or small, with its four-layered design. This mask can be worn for longer periods than other types respirators. The KN95 mask provides up to 95% protection.


KN95 Mask - How it looks

These are the common specifications of its products:

  • It is made up of four layers. The outer layers act as a filter layer and prevent any drops from entering or exiting.
  • It features elastic straps
  • You can adjust the size and shape of your nose clip to fit the contours of your face

It is thicker and more durable than a surgical mask but it feels soft

 How does the KN95 mask work?

The KN95 nose mask fits perfectly. Before you buy the KN95 mask, compare it to your face. The KN95 is not designed to be worn for more than 30 minutes. Breathing problems may result from wearing it longer than that.
Before you wear the mask, you must shave your beard

The KN95 must be perfectly fitted to function. If you have facial hair blocking the respirator's view, it will not fit correctly on your face. There will be enough space for particles to pass through the remaining space and get into your nose and mouth.

KN95's Advantages

  • The KN95 mask design fits perfectly on the head
  • It is thick enough not to allow particles (including fine dust).
  • It feels soft and smooth to the skin, despite its slight thickness
  • A single mask can be used for up to one full week

 KN95's Disadvantages 

  • If used for too long, the KN95 can cause breathing problems.
  • It is not suitable for bearded faces.
  • If you combine it with other conditions, you may be at risk of respiratory problems.
  • Many fakes are on the market, which is reducing their effectiveness.