With the update of WOW TBC Classic, the PvP battlefield of MMORPG is also gradually active. On some servers, one faction may be more densely populated than another. As it turns out, in order to Buy WOW TBC Gold bring together enough players from both factions to fight against each other, queue times can sometimes be long.

Players queuing for too long in the game is one of the problems encountered in WOW TBC Classic, and there is no very good solution yet. In the absence of other solutions, Blizzard envisioned battlefields where players of the same faction could compete against each other, known as clan battles. At the same time, set up a clan or alliance to fight the alliance.

For RPG players, Blizzard considers these battlefields to be large-scale military training operations within each faction. At present, the internal test has been organized, and players can join the battlefield between these factions. Specifically, players can see the operation process very clearly. If there are enough players from both factions, the two TBC Classic Gold factions will fight against each other.

But if the player goes missing and the waiting time is too long, the cross-border battlefield will be opened. It is worth noting that the rewards remain unchanged, and players will receive honor and prestige points as usual. It is understood that the mechanism will be tested before the next update, after which it will be deactivated. The Blizzard team will then evaluate the process and welcome feedback from players.

Depending on the results, the process may or may not continue to be used. This mainly relies on player test results and feedback. Also, MMOWTS will help players become stronger in WOW TBC Classic as any player can get a lot of TBC Classic Gold there without spending too much money.