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What is NCDEX?

Before getting into the NCDEX chana tips and NCDEX guar seed tip you need to understand the meaning of NCDEX and how it works. So NCDEX stands for National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange. This is the exchange that is used to deal in agricultural commodities in India. The National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange was established in 2003 and the headquarters of the same is in Mumbai. This NCDEX has also played a very important role in the improvement of Indian agricultural practices. NCDEX is a leading agricultural commodity exchange in India that has a market share of 78.0%, 81.5%, 79.9%, and 78.1% in the segment of the agricultural commodity. The Exchange has maintained its leadership position since 2005, in the agricultural commodity derivatives market.




Advantages of Investing in NCDEX

  • NCDEX has increased transparency in the market.
  • It helps in assisting the farmers in the process of price discovery.
  • It has also reduced the cost of the price data for farmers by removing the middleman.
  • NCDEX has raised quality awareness.


NCDEX Chana tips

Chana is one of the most important pulse crops that is used to grow like a seed from the plant named Cicer arietinum in the family of Leguminosae. Chana has 60% of carbohydrates in it and 25% protein that is the maximum amount of protein that can be found in any other pulse. It comes in the on the third number in the list of importance of the food legumes that used to be cultivated throughout the world. Chana is used as an edible seed and is also used for making flour throughout the globe. There are two types of chana/ chickpea that are produced which include Kabuli and desi. Chana is usually suited to the area where the climatic condition is cooler and has a low level of rainfall. It yields best when grown on sandy, loam soils having an appropriate drainage system as this crop is very sensitive to excess water availability and a lack of such a system can hamper the yield levels. As Chana is a commodity the prices of its in the market are based on its demand and supply.


NCDEX guar seed tip

Guar is also known as Cyamopsis tetragonoloba and it is a leguminous crop that grows best in sandy soil and requires moderate intermittent rainfall. This is harvested from late October to November. The green pods of Guar are consumed as a vegetable. There are also Guar gum refined splits in which investment is made in the commodity market. It is the product that is derived from the endosperm of the guar plant. Guar Gum is a natural high molecular weight polysaccharide composed of galactose and mannose units combined through glycosidic linkages. This commodity of guar seed is used as a binding or thickening agent in food, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, etc.


Guar gum which is highly refined is also used as a meat binder, as a stabilizer in ice creams, instant puddings, and much more. Guar gum is used in industrial applications including cloth and paper manufacture, oil well drilling, explosives, ore flotation, and many other applications. So it can be seen that this asset is very usable and can be used in different industries and has had a lot of demand. So the price of this commodity varies and changes according to the demand and supply in the commodity market.


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