Flying with Allegiant airlines, an ultra-low-cost airline, can be the best way to realize travel goals and visit one’s dream destination. Whether you need to fly to la Vegas or Alaska, Orlando or Phoenix, you can book Allegiant Air flights at the lowest cost from a leading online travel agency.  When planning a tour to any US city with your children, you should be well aware of the rules that need to be followed to avoid any surprises or pay more on your booking fee.
So, what are some important things to consider when you are booking tickets in Allegiant Airlines for yourself and your family? Check out some crucial points that would help you make a quick and effortless booking.

#1. Passengers under 14years of age are considered children. They must be accompanied by a passenger 15 years and older.
#2. A child under two years can fly with Allegiant as a ticketed passenger seated in an FAA-approved car seat or as a lap child on the seat of an adult on the same reservation.
#3. Allegiant doesn’t provide unaccompanied minor services
#4. For children under 24 months, proof of age is required, for which you need to show the birth certificate or other documents with birth date.
#5. All passengers under 18 years old can use documents other than government-approved photo identification as proof of their ages, such as birth certificates.
#6. Travelers less than 18 years of age flying without an adult will not be permitted in an Allegiant flight with a weather advisory.
#7. Children are not allowed to sit in an exit row. In each row, only one lap child is allowed.
#8. Children seated in car seats must be placed in a window seat and not in an aisle seat or the rows directly in front of or behind an exit row.
#9. If the seat for a minor is denied, you can contact the agent or customer care representative of Allegiant for assistance.
You can make Allegiant Airlines Online Booking for your child between 15- 17 years who wants to travel alone without any extra fee. It is highly recommended for infants or children weighing under 40 pounds to place them in an FAA-approved car seat during air travel securely.

Booking your Allegiant flight online from a reputed online travel agency like Airline Ticket World (ATW) will provide you maximum savings and convenience. It is highly recommended to check in online to save money and follow the baggage rules and cancelation policy to skip needless expenses. You must feel free to discuss your travel needs and book flight tickets accordingly, getting the maximum value for your time and money.

Travelers securing seats for their families or group of friends will do well to make Allegiant Airlines Online Booking and reserve seats in advance to make sure that they are seated together. When they have children under 15 years of age, they should avoid booking exit row seats. Say goodbye to any of these concerns when booking with expert travel agents of ATW. Book your tickets at the lowest cost with peace of mind from an online travel agency.