Have you ever been in the middle of a class and noticed the students looking aimlessly into the room? You may find that your students are unfocused and out to lunch just when you thought you've developed the perfect lesson plan or interesting activity. Yet, in order for the students to acquire and retain the material you offer, you must find ways to keep your classes entertaining. Educators have been experimenting with different teaching tactics for decades in order to keep their students engaged and enthused about learning.  But when it comes to English, it is also difficult to understand because English is neither a tough nor a simple subject, and it is most likely a global language. To begin, alter your perception of English as a language rather than a tool for assessing your knowledge or aptitude. As a result, accept it as a part of the language and learn it.

Because English is a Germanic language with heavy Latin influences, it has a large vocabulary. This may make learning easier for most Western Europeans, particularly in speaking. However, without this passive vocabulary, English becomes a little more difficult for non-Western Europeans. There are no two ways about it: writing English is difficult. Most languages on the continent, including French, have a significantly weaker correlation between spoken and written language than English. This is partly due to phonetic changes, but in rare situations, particular words were given a Latin or Greek appearance.


Points for making English class lovely


Make the lessons more interactive.

In a traditional classroom, the teacher stands in front of the pupils and lectures them while they listen and take notes. Unfortunately, this isn't the most effective method of retaining pupils' attention. Create hands-on classes that involve you at every stage of the process to make learning more dynamic.


Management of the classroom

Physical classrooms can be more difficult to manage than online classrooms. Students whispering at the back of the class, swapping notes, or running about are unlikely to interrupt you. If students have their microphones on while you're speaking, you may be interrupted — they can talk to each other via chat box and become sidetracked by unrelated web information. English is very difficult when the environment of the class will be not good. If you miss the vocabulary, grammar, idioms and most important its word. If you have problems with online English classes then you should take my online English class and make your class interesting. 


Technology should be utilized:

Using technology to keep your classes engaging is a terrific method to do so. Electronics are popular among students, so try incorporating them into your entire studying method. Instead of studying from the front of the class, use a Smartboard interactive display. Studying from the traditional book can be uninteresting but when you study English with the help of technology, then it will be fun. 

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