The Netgear N300 model EX2700 is great for small to average homes as it gives 300 mbps of speed with external antennas to boost the signals to all the areas of the home or office. It has fast Ethernet ports to connect smart TV, gaming consoles, DVD players and more. It works with all kinds of browsers like Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 5.0, Google Chrome 11.0 or higher and Safari 1.4 etc. It is also compatible with all kinds of standard wifi routers and gives excellent results as it improves connectivity all over. So get your N300 extender now and configure it on then connect your wifi devices with it and enjoy the benefits it gives.


The installation and working process of the N300 wifi range extender is quite simple. It doesn’t require much work as such to set it up. Just follow the below given steps –

  1. Plug your extender and place it near the router
  2. Connect it with the computer to establish a connection
  3. Now open a web browser and type
  4. Press enter and you will see the login page
  5. Enter the default credentials on the page and press login
  6. You will then access the setup page
  7. On the setup page you need to follow the instructions to install the extender and you will be able to configure the mywifiext it with ease
  8. After configuring it you need to place it at a spot where the extender receives good wifi signals from the router

In this way you can install your wifi range extender with no hassle and use its assets to boost your existing wifi network. This was the web based manual method of installing the extender, you can also install it by the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) method which is also a very easy and simple method. You shouldn’t get any errors while installing the extender but in case there are errors then you need to perform a check of the installation process or reset your wifi range extender and try again. If this doesn’t work then you need to dial the toll free number 1-855-394-0444 at Mywifiext and talk to the customer support executives to assist you for the specific error you are seeing.

Working of the N300

The Netgear N300 or EX2700 wifi range extender works to boost your wifi connectivity, spreading the wifi network to those areas where the wifi didn’t reach earlier. It takes the wifi signals of the wifi router and retransmits it to far areas, eradicating all the dead zones of the house or office and giving full wifi network wherever you may be in the house. When your wifi router is not able to give good signals to further areas of the house or office or there are some obstructions in its way, you can put the wifi range extender at mywifiext local to increase its wifi range to those far areas and get good internet speed as well. The wifi range extender therefore should be placed between the router and the wifi enables devices, so that it receives wifi signals from the router and there shouldn’t be any obstacles in between the extender and the router like a thick wall or ceiling or metallic or electrical appliances, reflective surfaces etc. Once you install the wifi range extender, you will be able to see the difference yourself.