Netgear wifi range extenders are great for improving your wifi range and connectivity and take away all the dead zones. They catch the wifi signals of your main router and extend it retransmitting it to areas where there were no signals earlier or very low signals were received. Mywifiext is the local web site to configure and set the device for full use, after which you can move and place the extender at a place where it gets good signals so it can relay them further in the house or office.

Extender Setup and Placement

The wifi range extender can be setup by two methods, one is the WPS which is quiet a simple method and the other is the manual web based method. Both methods can be performed easily by anyone even if you are a novice. Below are the steps given for the same, follow the instructions carefully and you will not receive any errors.

  1. The wifi range extender needs to be plugged in, connected and placed near the router
  2. Next a web browser needs to be opened
  3. Navigate to the address bar and type the address
  4. Press enter and you will be taken to login of the wifi range extender’s network
  5. On the login page you need to enter the default credentials in the fields given there
  6. When you press login you will be taken to the setup page and the Netgear installation assistant will guide you in the setup steps
  7. Save all the settings, register your device and finish the setup process by clicking finish
  8. Next you can take the extender and place it to the right spot

The placement of the wifi range extender is extremely important as it will decide how your extender performs. Because the extender catches the signals of your wifi router it should be placed between the router and the wifi devices, so that it can get good signals. If the wifi range extender is not receiving good signals at a particular spot then move the extender closer to the main router. There shouldn’t also be any kinds of interference or obstacles in the way of the extender like metallic instruments or appliances, thick walls or ceilings, too many electrical appliances etc. These objects disturb the connection and create interference between the signals, therefore it is good to clear the path for the wifi range extender.

Connecting Devices with the Extender

Once the extender is properly set at a particular spot, you can connect your smart devices with the wifi range extender’s network and start using the extender. However if you experience that the speed and connectivity is still slow even after installing the wifi range extender, then you should probably try to cut down the number of devices connected with the extender at Mywifiext. If the number of devices connected exceeds then the connectivity becomes slow and the speed cuts down because of the division of bandwidth. Therefore try to maintain the number of devices connected to the wifi range extender so that it gives you maximum results.

If you face any other kinds of errors while the setup, placement and device connection process of the wifi range extender then you can call on the toll free number 1-855-777-7456 at and get the expert advice that you need for it at any time.