An N95 mask is also known as a face respirator, a more commonly-used, short-form name for an extremely effective, particulate-and-chemical-filtering respirator that meets or exceeds the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's (NIOSH) minimum safety requirements. These include protection from chemicals, biological hazards, radiation, and other dangerous conditions.

The  mask  is designed to filter dust particles and other airborne pollutants, keeping them out of your lungs and making it difficult for you to get ill. This mask is worn by those who work in dangerous environments such as mines, chemical plants, power plants and factories. To provide strength and protection from temperature and impact changes, it is constructed of multiple layers of nonwoven polypropylene fiber.

An N95 mask can serve many purposes

These masks offer remarkable protection: even small dust particles can be removed without affecting your ability to breathe. These masks can also be used to eliminate common allergens and respiratory irritants. Even tiny viruses particles as small as 0.3 microns are filtered by these N95 masks. Studies have shown that N95 masks are less likely than others to cause allergies and sinus problems.

There are many styles and models of respirators available. You can either get disposable respirators or a reusable one. Although disposable respirators are easier to use, it is important that you get the right size respirator for your needs.

You should ensure that you buy the right face mask

When buying an KN95 mask , measure your nose and mouth. The measurements of different brands vary. You should also ensure that you choose the right size respirator for your face. You should always read the label as not all brands will fit everyone.

There are many styles and colors available for respirators. You should ensure that you buy the correct size, style, color, and material for your environment. A high-quality mask is more effective than a low-quality one, and can even be dangerous.

A respirator that is easy to remove and attach is a great idea, especially for those who work in hot or humid conditions. You can attach or remove respirators quickly when you need air. This will make it easier to get oxygen when you are in hazardous environments.

If you're looking to buy N95 masks, I recommend you visit your local medical supply and retail stores. There are many brands that make these masks at different prices. It's also possible to shop online at, which makes it easy to order the masks and have them delivered right to your door.