Some people don't need a car that is clean. You need to get it closer to perfection.

Deep cleaning your vehicle's paint can transform it into a new look. This includes correcting any imperfections in the clear coat and applying a layer protection.

After you have completed the painting, you will be able to apply a protective layer to your paint. The vehicle will shine brighter, look better and feel smoother if it is done correctly.

It takes time to properly detail a car. It can take from one hour to several years depending on the state of the paint. A vehicle can be left in the sun without displaying any paint swirls, hazing or scratches if it has the right equipment and practice.

Based on years of experience in car detailing in Geelong and a few years of professional cleaning Geelong, our  car cleaning Geelong service, these are the recommended steps to clean, correct, protect, and properly clean your vehicle's paint.

Warnings and Precautions

There are serious risks to scratching, marring or damaging vehicle detailing. These risks are magnified when you use a power tool, abrasive chemicals or other tools to detail a vehicle. You could end up with a scratched finish or worse, a burnt clear coat. This will leave you with a dull spot that shows paint exposed, similar to an open wound.

The right process is important, but it takes time and effort to master the art. It is a good idea to practice on an old car's hood, body panel or other parts that no one really cares about.

Automaker determines the hardness of clear coats. Clear coats that are softer will make it easier to work on vehicles and will allow imperfections to be removed more quickly. You'll notice consistent patterns with experience and discover that the clear coats on Japanese cars are generally softer than those of Germans and Americans.

Detailing Geelong is the best choice for car cleaning

Detailing Geelong is a revolution in car cleaning Geelong. Our professional detailers go beyond being hired hands. They are trained, insured, and skilled to take care of any vehicle with precision.

A local business owner will take care of your car after cleaning it. He will personally oversee the detailing and cleaning, and will guarantee your satisfaction.

Detailing Geelong offers a full range of commercial equipment to clean high-end cars.

Talk to a car cleaning Geelong provider about your requirements and we will put together a package that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Car washing vs. car cleaning

You must have been confused about the similarities and differences between car washing in geelong, and car detailing. Let's clarify the differences between these services.

Detailing your vehicle requires a thorough cleaning, using special tools and products. A detailer might perform cosmetic touches but it does not include any repairs or painting. Car cleaning is the process of cleaning and restoring your car's interior, exterior surfaces and other spaces. We can clean and restore your vehicle's paintwork by removing swirl marks and scratches.

A car wash can be a quick and easy way to remove dirt and dust from your car's exterior. You can avoid making common mistakes when washing your car. If you use a vacuum, your car is more likely to collect dirt and grime. Car cleaning is more than a simple clean-up. Every detail is buffed after each car cleaning. Your car will be left with a showroom shine and a vacuum. An auto detail is more thorough than a mobile car wash.