If you want more Diablo 2 gold, please check out safe Diablo 2 Gold on U7buygames. Robert Gallerani, the Design Lead of Diablo II Resurrected, has joined a Twitch live with other Diablo II Resurrected developers, revealing new Runewords that are going to be introduced to the upcoming Ladder season.

The Runewords could be only created by characters playing the Ladder season in the original version of Diablo II, and the Runeword cannot be recreated outside of the Ladder. The new Runewords, however, work in a different way compared to the previous version, these Runewords will be available to all game modes when the Ladder season comes to an end.



Plague and Pattern, 2 old mysterious Runewords could be brought back to the game, the developers said they wanted to make some Runewords that are less used to fill in some gaps, we will get to know about more details when the patch is released in early 2022. The new Plague and Pattern will be different from what they are in rumors. Unfortunately, we still have no idea if these Runewords will be introduced in the first Ladder season.

There’s no clear sign of allowing players to stack Gems or Runes in the near future, because it may violate some original restrictions of Diablo II, thus the possibility of a currency tab is still under the discuss. Stay tuned for more information about Runes and Runewords in Diablo II: Resurrected, we will keep you updated.