For many years, doctors and nurses have been wearing surgical scrub caps when entering the operating room. These surgical caps are used to cover or hold hair during surgery. Like surgical gloves, surgical caps help disinfect the operating room and prevent surgical site infection. All medical professionals prefer to wear a surgical cap for any procedure. Sometimes patients need to wear a medical cap like womens scrub hats before treatment.

Medical professionals use surgical scrub caps to cover the patient's scalp, ears, and hair to reduce skin particles and hair loss that died during surgery. This can cause an infection during the procedure. However, although they look like simple caps worn by doctors and nurses, they are an important part of surgery. The market is full of many types of surgical caps. The demand for surgical caps has increased significantly to maintain personal hygiene and safety and control COVID-19 infections.

To guide you in choosing the best surgical cap, here is a list featuring all types of surgical caps for you to choose from.

Various types of surgical caps

There are four types of surgical caps available in the market
1. Ponytail Surgical Cap: This type of surgical cap is mostly used by women and people with long hair. These caps have an opening that holds long hair behind. We can also customize the bag to push the long section of hair in for added security.

2. Pixie Surgical Caps: People with short hair mostly wear these surgical caps. They have a front fit made specifically for medical professionals. People with long or voluminous hair cannot wear this type of cap because there was no extra room. Ideal for people with low hair density or short hair.

3. Bouffant Surgical Caps: These surgical caps are similar to chef hats with added shower caps. If your hair is long or dark, this type of hat is an idea as there is plenty of room to put it inside.

4. Disposable Surgical Waste Caps: These caps are made from fibers that are naturally and easily disposed of. They are easily available in the market. They are easy to throw, so they are for people who work in very dangerous places. However, these disposable surgical waste caps are ideal for people who work in highly infectious workplaces and are thrown away once used.