Call of Duty game sometimes featuring third person mode for years, but 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is not one of them. But mistakes have recently discovered in Survival mode on PS4 games while turning it into a third-person shooter for one player - and it showed surprising potential for authorized third person mode.

Discovered by Reddit users Tkade14 by accident, all three "modes" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare puts the camera away behind the player-character, and the remnants of their movement is subtle enough that it does not look like a mistake. Players stuck with a knife to a lot of recordings and there is a target reticle made shooting a challenge, but they still managed to take some of the first enemy.

This is not the only example of an error occurred recently. Another example is captured in a separate match of Survival mode, but the video has since been removed. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Call of Duty MW Points, you can visit our website

Glitch arguably gives the player an advantage over the first-person player because of increased environmental awareness you get in the third person, although it is a Survival mode against computer-controlled enemies. When they swarm your position and you need to make your way out, could see in every direction is a great asset. Comes at the cost of accuracy aims and faster, but this is less important in the single-player and cooperative modes.

Call of Duty Mobile on iOS and Android does not include the third option, too, for his royale battle mode. Players are given their own lobbies in order to eliminate the problem of balance, but game consoles seem opposed to the idea for more than a decade.