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What Is Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass is one kind of dried grass. It is known for its white feathery flowers, which serve as its most eye-capturing feature. Its tall, green leaves look elegant, beautifully swaying even in the slightest breeze. This tall grass species can grow really fast, from five to fifteen feet high.

DIY Pampas Craft:

Today i'll be showing you how to make two different types of pampers grass now for um for the project i'll be making the on the strips from yarn the pieces of yarn so um i've wrapped the yarn around this base this is just a piece of foam board that i've used so what i'm gonna do i'm just gonna cut these in half now this is a very easy project and i'm going to cut this in half again i've gone ahead and i cut the others and i've used this larger piece to make some longer arm strips that i'll be using as well and these are the ones from the longer arm strip of foam board okay these are the strips of yarn that i'll be using i have them in different sizes four different sizes so um let me show you how how we're gonna go about doing that the base is gonna be on the skewer okay let us now start to wrap the arm the piece of twine sorry the piece of yarn all the way down the skewer so we'll simply continue in this motion twisting all the way down okay we are getting to the end okay this is gonna be used as the um the vein of the pampas grass so now we're gonna um start to apply the pieces of yarn so just watch closely i'll take about four or five pieces at a time just apply some glue some hot glue simply that's all it is i will continue all the way up we have four different sizes this is what it looks like we're gonna apply them all the way up to the tip up to the top and we're gonna repeat the same process. Get beautiful pampas grass for sale near you.

On the other side so so so okay we are at the end of this side this is what it looks like i'll complete the other side and i'll be back to show you what the next step will be okay we have now completed on putting on all the pieces of the yarn on both sides next step we're going gonna take a comb and we're gonna comb through the pieces of yarn like this and while you're combing it through make sure you hold firmly on the vein this part of it the middle section you have to press down hard so you wouldn't pull the pieces out and just continue to comb through to make them fluffy and resemble the pampas grass it's a very simple very easy project now i've made a different um style and it's pretty much the same thing that we did to make this other one sorry i'm out of frame to get the shape like this all you do is just simply brush it brush like this and start to take the shape of that on style just like that but we're gonna leave this one open up i was just trying to show you how we got the style for that one or the shape and it's really looking like the pampas grass i made three of this one we have three of this and three of this one we have these three i'll have them arranged in advance so you can see how beautiful they look these are very good decoration for fall so i hope um you have been inspired to do the same.

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