A receipt is a Proof (document) that serves to verify that the payment or solution of an obligation or provision of a service or product has been fulfilled.

Receipts are written documents that can be public, although more often they are private, in which the creditor or accritor of an obligation expressly acknowledges having received money or something else from the debtor or solvens. Create Fake Receipt requires the expression of the date, the signature of the recipient, the mention of the amount or the designation of the thing and the title of the obligation, so that it is not confused with the loan, the deposit or other legal transaction in which material mediation . Exist:

  • Bill payment receipt
  • Rent receipt
  • Receipt of assets

Receipts are generally issued in duplicate: The original is delivered to the person who made the payment and the duplicate remains with the recipient. There are Restaurant Receipt Maker in every restaurant for your convenience.

A receipt can be in many different ways such as: a person or company, and the detail of invoices or services paid with this check issued, who operates it, who reviews it, who receives it as described, date of received, description of invoices (numbers to be paid), total prices, discounts and taxes. Online Receipt Generator is used to record by a company what was paid or performed with the issuance of the mentioned check that appears in the voucher copy. It refers to a voucher when you have carbon copies, as in the case of credit card vouchers that have multiple copies according to the use of the interested parties.


Those independent workers who provide services to individuals or companies or institutions must issue their receipts for fees only electronically. Hotel Receipt Generator creates receipt for your every bill at the same time you ordered something.

Benefits of receipts are:

  1. Ease of processing. Electronic Fee Receipts (RHE) can be sent or forwarded immediately by email.
  2. Validity. With this mechanism, there is no longer the risk of losing or mistreating them.
  3. Agility. RHEs are issued more easily and quickly.
  4. Supervision. In this way, income control is facilitated.
  5. Verifiable.  They are issued and can be consulted from anywhere, at any time of the day.

No more paper: what are the benefits of the digital salary receipt?

The business world tends towards paperlessness. This process requires in organizations both a technological implementation and a cultural change. Knowing its benefits helps you embark on the path of evolution. In many city malls and in many restaurant you will notice Online Receipt Maker.

In the last decade, a paradigm shift has taken hold around the world: society began to revolve around digitization and virtuality. At this stage, communication was streamlined, information became more transparent and the analog support was put aside, giving rise to digital files and storages. There is a Simple Cash Receipt Template present in every receipt maker.

Modernization also reached companies, crossing more and more areas. Among them, in our country the salary receipt was also added, which has become digital, offering advantages to both organizations and employees.