What is online speech therapy in India?

Many children and adults in India have various kinds of speech disorders such as speech delay, autism, stuttering/stammering, etc. These disorders could be cured with proper timely treatment from speech therapists. Speech therapy in India is provided by many trained speech-language pathologists who treat such disorders with speech therapy techniques. Many speech therapists in India have started providing online speech therapy in India for children and adults suffering from autism, stuttering/stammering, and speech delay.

Many people in India are skeptical about online speech therapy. This is new for the people. They are not much familiar with the online facilities provided by speech therapists through live audio-video sessions. Some speech therapists have earned specialized degree or certificate to provide online therapies. 

In this pandemic time as many people are hesitating to go out to prevent viral infections, there are online speech therapists in India who have decided to help children and adults affected with speech disorders through online medium so that people don’t have to come out of their house and go to a speech therapist’s clinic. 

But should you go for online speech therapy or visit a near by therapist clinic? If you are in a dilemma to choose between online vs clinic, you must read this blog until the end.

What are the benefits of online speech therapy in India?

 Get rid of going out for regular speech therapy sessions:

 If you choose to go for speech therapy from a therapist near you, you may have to go regularly to the therapist for the sessions. But when you take speech therapy sessions online, you just have to open your laptop or smartphone to communicate with the therapist.


 It saves your cost:

 You have to bear the internet bill when you take speech therapy online, but you may incur some good traveling charges if you go out.


 Flexibility in scheduling time:

 Depending upon the online speech therapists in India, they may offer you the flexibility in scheduling the time for your speech therapy sessions. Since the session will be convenient, you will feel more comfortable.


 Continuous guidance and support:

 You will receive constant guidance and support from your online speech therapists through their mobile applications or website. You can contact with them at any time and seek their help and support. They will be available to provide you guidance for your treatment.


 So, these are some of the benefits that you must consider if you are in dilemma of choosing online speech therapy in India vs speech therapy near you.