What is Rahu?

Rahu, or the north lunar node, is a malefic planet in Vedic astrology. It represents things like foreign lands, unusual things, illusions, addictions, obsessions, unmet desires in past life, drugs, medicines, imaginary fears, deception, online world, unique things, fame, wealth, rule-breaking, creativity, exaggeration, etc.

Rahu’s transit in a sign covers 18 months. The impact of Rahu on a person’s life can be significant if the person is going through Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu.

Rahu’s dignity in the horoscope gives an indication of the effect of Rahu on the native’s life. Rahu will change its nature according to the lord of the sign it occupies. Planets like Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are benefics, and if their lords are strongly placed, Rahu will be in dignity in their signs. Moon is also benefic, but to Rahu, Moon is an enemy. So in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, Rahu can make the person extremely emotional. In Mars and Saturn, Rahu will exaggerate the malefic qualities of these two planets. These rules also apply to the sign that Rahu is transiting in.

The house which Rahu co-rules with Saturn in your chart through its sign, Aquarius, is also important. When it is in transit, it will bring the energy of the house it rules. For instance, if your Ascendant is Aries, Rahu rules your 11th house. So if it is transiting in Leo, an Aries person will feel the energy of the 11th house in the transiting house.

Effects of Rahu’s Transit

As Rahu’s transit spans 18 months, it can cause some friction or negative events in a person’s life. It can also cause some positive events. Being one of the most malefic planets, it can have many adverse effects. A person may be diagnosed with cancer, for example. Or someone may go through a divorce. Irrespective of the house/sign it is transiting in, its malefic energy will exert an influence there. If it is in Sagittarius, the person may become a religious extremist, even if the sign lord is well placed.

Rahu transit indicates when the event will occur. Rahu Dasha and transit will set things into motion and make events manifest in life. Rahu signifies the attraction you feel for something. The sign /house it transits indicates the thing which attracts you. Rahu will pull you towards the things associated with the house/sign it is transiting in and fill you with the obsession to achieve those things at any cost. If it is transiting in Cancer in the 5th house, the person will be attracted to love matters or having a child, for example.

Let’s see the effects of Rahu transit in the different houses. 

1st House – The focus will be on you entirely. You will be very self-absorbed and may feel disconnected from other people. This is a good time to visit foreign lands and focus on your life purpose. You will want others to treat you like royalty during this time.

2nd House – Family and wealth will be your preoccupations. You will want more and more money, and you will not feel satisfied with what you have. Due to Rahu’s malefic nature, however, wealth may not stay with you. Wealth is likely to come from foreign sources. It can create an unusual family situation.

3rd House – The focus will be on traveling and communications. You may travel a lot and learn many things. You will be focusing on interests, skills, and communications. You may have an unusual bond with your siblings. You will have a lot of courage. You may have out-of-the-box business ideas. It is an ideal time to launch an online business venture or do business with foreigners.

4th House – The environment at home may become rather unusual. You may make your home in a foreign country. You are likely to gravitate towards your mother or homeland. Unusual things may happen to your mother or in your home. Real estate dealings may interest you.

5th House – This time is conducive for love. The person will want to have a love relationship. But it may not be successful, as Rahu creates illusions. Cheating and deception are likely. You may develop an interest in arts, sports, and creative pursuits. You may feel like adopting a child or having a child through surrogacy or the Test tube method.

6th House - You will want to become a hero at work. You will fight against all competitors and obstacles. You may get rare or unusual ailments. You may be preoccupied with healthcare or litigation issues.

7th House – You will be pulled into relationships. In your obsession with forming relationships, you may even forget yourself. You may also get some business opportunities. It can also bring fame.

8th House – Accidents and unexpected events may occur. You may acquire knowledge about the occult and mystical subjects. You may want to serve other people. There may be unusual events in your in-laws’ family. You may be drawn into some bizarre circumstances.

9th House – You will be attracted to philosophy, higher learning, religion, and people of different ethnicity. You may be involved in publishing. You may find a Guru with weird beliefs. 

10th House – Your work will bring you much fame. Fame from foreign lands is likely. Your relationship with your boss or father may be weird. Success in career is possible. You will be popular with your colleagues. 

11th House – Your earnings and fame may multiply. It could be a rewarding time. Your network will expand. Income and friends may come from foreign lands or in unusual ways. You will want recognition for your work. You may have an unusual bond with your elder sibling. 

12th House – You may travel to foreign lands. You will be drawn to foreign lands, companies, and people. You will also be drawn to spirituality. Your spending may increase. You may go on a spiritual journey. You will want to leave your homeland.

Like Rahu, Ketu is also a nodal planet. It is the south lunar node. These two planets are represented as snakes. Rahu and Ketu will change signs on April 12, 2022, and create major changes in your life. They indicate your past life karma and also shape your current life situations. During this Rahu Ketu transit, Rahu will move to the Mars-ruled Aries sign, thereby acquiring Mars’ traits. This fusion of Mars-Rahu energy may help you achieve material success. Rahu may also bring fame.

Ultimately, the effects of Rahu transit for a particular person will depend on the ongoing Dasha period, the dignity of Rahu in the birth chart and transit, and the planet it is transiting over.