All laboratories are not identical, some have basic requirements, and some other laboratories require microbial protection for their work. These labs call for specialized laboratory furniture, and stainless steel Black Metal cabinet and furniture are the go-to options in these lab environments.


Let’s see some benefits of steel that have unique properties and make it a perfect fit:

1. Bacterial and Fungal Resistance

Stainless steel provides laboratory work surfaces so that no liquids, bacteria, fungus, or mold can penetrate them. With routine sanitation, the risk of germs spreading or cross-contamination occurring is significantly reduced.

2. Moisture Resistance

Stainless steel is made of low-carbon steel consisting of chromium, making it resistant to rust. Because rust is not an issue, moisture is not an issue, and it means that stainless steel is perfect for wet labs, sinks, and intense liquid-based sterilization processes.

3. Chemical Resistance

Stainless steel has significant chemical resistance, and most salts, organic chemicals, solvents, and biological stains are not issues. Some bases are also not an issue, and a few harsh acids are not recommended for use with stainless steel.

4. Durability

Stainless steel’s metal makes it highly impact resistant. While you can't dent stainless steel, it is tough to puncture, so you don't need to worry about piercing the clear coat finish or chipping paint. While it is not scratch-resistant, it does maintain its beauty over a long period.

5. Sustainability

Stainless steel is a recyclable material, and the main alloying elements of stainless steel are all precious and can be quickly be recovered and separated from other materials.

Other Advantages

Aesthetic Appearance

Stainless steel cabinets offer a modern look to any workspace. Because they are easy to maintain, they can keep that shiny look.

It protects the stainless steel material from stains and corrosion, allowing it to retain its sleek, new appearance.

Ease Of Fabrication

You could weld stainless steel, bent, cut, and fabricated as quickly as other types of steel. It makes it the perfect material for cabinets and additional industrial steel workbench parts, including plates, bars, and tubing.

Please make sure you work with a distributor that receives its products from manufacturers with the most up-to-date equipment. New machinery makes it possible to cut, weld, and bend stainless steel to create customized casework for your workspace.

Strength To Weight Advantage

The strength-to-weight advantage that stainless steel provides is one of the most overlooked benefits of this material. High-strength duplex grades offer added strength, yet they also reduce the thickness of the material.

Choosing duplex grades saves cost over conventional rates because the cold hardening properties reduce the material thickness.

Long-Term Value

The workspace has brilliant long-term value because stainless steel is bacteria, fungus, moisture, and heat resistant. There are multiple reasons why stainless steel will offer value in the future.

For environmentally-conscious companies, their purchasing decisions on a long-term impact on the environment. It's important to note that you can recycle it once stainless steel goes past its original purpose and is no longer needed. So, make your living space more organized and elegant with Black Metal Cabinet.